FeedBurner Installation Procedure and Features

All of you now know the benefits of Feedburner from my last post. If any one of you missed that please make sure to read “Make conversation with your readers with Feedburner”.

Let’s start the step by step tutorial to set Feedburner. Since Feedburner is a google product, so you need a gmail account to use the services of FeedBurner. So first log in to gmail account then visit feedburner.google.com

Step by step guide to configure FeedBurner to your blog

Enter your blog address in the field given below the “burn a feed right this instant”, remain uncheck the “I am a podcaster!” option and click on next.

Add blog address

If your blog has more than one feed source then Feed burner will ask you to choose your feed source, if it ask between atom and RSS, go for atom because its new and more features enriched than RSS. Press next.

Identify your feed source

Enter the feed title and feed address and then press next. You can remain these fields as filled by FeedBurner by default. Like to make this tutorial I change the default feed address “BlogSpot/SCTTg”  to “recipebiteblog” which is my brand name in that blog. This address will be shown like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/recipebiteblog.

Press next button. You will receive a congratulation message that your feed is now live. Now next step is to do some makeup to your feeds. To add additional free features press next, check the “Clickthroughs” checkbox  and press next.

Redirect Blogger feeds to your FeedBurner feed

Login to blogger dashboard. Goto ‘setting’ then ‘other’, point the ‘Post Feed Redirect URL’ click add and enter the following code


Replace recipebiteblog with your blog feed address which you set earlier. Click on save changes. Now all blogger feeds will be redirected to FeedBurner feeds

Redirect Blogger feeds to your FeedBurner feed

Email subscription

Goto publicize tab, click on email subscription option on the left sidebar then click on ‘active’ button to activate email subscription.

19e FeedBurner Installation Procedure and Features
You will receive a notification of successful activation of email subscription. Now copy the code provided in this window.

Successfully added and copy this code

Go to blogger dashboard. Click on ‘Layout’, then ‘Add a Gadget’, select ‘HTML/JavaScript’. Paste the code and save the changes.

Add a widget

Ping Shot

Ping shot is a great feature offered by Feedburner. Whenever you publish a new post, google automatically ping your post where google finds it suitable. You must enable his feature, it will increase your subscribers as well.

To activate it, go to publicize, click on ‘PingShot’, and press ‘activate’ button. All done.

Add Ping Shot

No index

No index is again an amazing feature. When you burn your feeds, it may index and cause the duplicate content issue, to save our site from being penalized on this issue, use no index feature of Feedburner. To activate it, go to publicize, select no index from bottom at left sidebar and press activate button.

No index feed

This is the complete step by step tutorial to set up Feedburner for your blog along with some important features to activate. I will timely update the post with new features of FeedBurner as well.

Tell us how you like the post via comment, if you have any query you are welcome to ask. You are most welcome to share anything about Feedburner with BlogLearners.

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