Keep Google AdSense Account Activated Save from BAN

Google AdSense account is a precious gift which you earn with your hard word. It is important to take care of it and keep it in good standing. After getting the account, the biggest fear is to get banned by google. Unless you manage yourself to get the premium AdSense account, you must abide by the rules, terms and conditions, TOS of google AdSense to secure your account from going to be banned. For those who missed the post please read Google Premium AdSense Account.

Today I am going to share with you people about the common mistakes which cause the ban. Read them carefully and implement them as well.

Keep Google AdSense Account Activated Save from BAN

One simple rule is that the policies which you take care at the time of approval of account are also required to care as well. To see some of the important policies please refer to my previous post about make money online without investment by blogging and necessary google AdSense approval tips.

Don’t alter the code

Don’t alter the ads code. You are not allowed to change the code and it’s a valid reason for google to ban your account.

Don’t click on own ads

Never ever click on your own ads. Don’t ask your friends or family member to click on ads. Because a sudden increase in clicks and visits will look scam and Mr. G. is expert in catching the spam. So be honest and don’t cheat.

Traffic source

Focus on a multiple sources to get the traffic. First and foremost source is to get the organic traffic, means that get the traffic from search engines.

Social media is one of the famous and easiest way to get the targeted audience.

One very important point to save the account from the ban is to get the mixture of traffic from the different source. If your site is getting traffic from facebook only or from twitter only then it will be going to be ban soon. So try to get the traffic from facebook, twitter and from other social sources as well.

Also one important thing is to avoid the paid traffic as it’s against the google AdSense policies.

Avoid Copyright Content

Copying someone else content to your blog is very bad, both ethically, morally and legally. First of all copying content will not rank or rank high in google search results, which means you will not get the organic traffic, which is a very big loss, and secondly this violates the AdSense policies which increase the ban probability. Also, avoid using AdSense on pages which offer copyright content like films, songs pictures, pirated copies of software. Also, avoid putting ads on pages that have the links of sites offering such content.

Don’t ask the visitors to click on ads

You are not allowed to ask the people to click on google ads. It must be user own choice to view or not to view the advertisement. Misleading the visitor by using “read more”, “click here” like words.

Don’t use global language convertor

Google currently not supporting all languages for their AdSense program. So using a global language converter may convert your page to an unsupported language, which may become the cause of ban.

Some other reasons

Don’t use AdSense ads on exit page, thankyou page

Don’t use sticky ads. Sticky ads are not allowed.

Do you experience, found any of the above reason for AdSense ban. Comment us your thoughts about it.

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