Make Blog in 3 Simple Steps

As promised in my post, “Earning through Blogging“, I am going to show you how you can set you free blog on In this post I will give you a step by step tutorial to make your blog from scratch.

How to make blog in very simple steps

Step 1: Set Gmail Account

To create a blog you need an email account in To create the account click here. Now click Blogger to start creating your very first blog.

Enter the email address you just created or use your existing email address and press next button. Enter your password and press sign-in.

set gmail account

Step 2: Setup Profile

Now you have to confirm your profile. It’s your choice you can choose either the Google + or Blogger profile. Let choose blogger profile. You can also choose google + profile late on.

Setup profile

Now enter the name you want to display on your blogger profile and click on “continue to blogger”.


Step 3: Create the blog

Up till now you have created your account on blogger and created your blogger’s profile. Now click on blog as shown in figure below to create your very first blog.

create your blog

Now enter the title of blog and select your domain name like Select the simple template and press create blog.

title and address of your blog

Try to use keyword in your title and domain. This will increase your SEO. Like I create a food blog and choose title as Food Palace and blog address as

Congratulations! Your new blog is created. Brace yourself for your first post.

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