7 Keys to a Successful Blog

Today I am going to discuss the most important keys to creating a successful blog. A blog is also important if you own a business or you have ventured with them into the world of Internet. How to Blog is the most important question asked by many newbies.

Internet is now, the excellent place for a large number of transactions and blogging has become the main vehicle for companies and entrepreneurs as a way to reach customers. A blog is not just a diary to express your ideas, it is a way to get your customers to expose to your business, your products and / or services, and ultimately let you know.

how to do Successful Blogging

In today’s post, I offer seven keys to creating a successful Blog

1. Write about what you may know

In this case, you must keep in mind who your target audience is and to whom you are speaking. Talking about issues related to your sector and activity, provide relevant information and added value, this will make the content interesting to readers and help the dissemination.

2. Nice design

When users log into your blog, the design should be pleasant and attractive, simple and intuitive. There are very useful templates and even free to install. It is also important that the design goes according to your sector and content that go to publish.

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  1. Periodical

Offer the regularity and consistency to the blog posts. Post at least 4-5 times a week. The generation of proprietary content and quality greatly help the positioning of the website.


Responded to all blog comments as soon as possible. Interact with your readers, it will make your readers; to feel closer to the brand and attended at all times.

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5. Social buttons

Make your contact details approachable to your readers. Insert social buttons on your accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and many more. In this way, you facilitate the dissemination of content, also allowing users to better know you from your social networks.

6. Collaborate and participate in other blogs

Speak or appoint other blog authors on your own, or Realize comments on those that are similar or belonging to your sector/ niche. Active participation will facilitate the generation of links, and all this helps positioning and dissemination of your website. In addition, you will succeed and become popular in the blogging world and other users shown interest in your content, you work is going to generate traffic to your page.

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7. Analyze the data

Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can identify those items that interest your readers, where the visitors come from as well as times when there is a greater number of visitors / users and other information of interest to know the behavior of your users. Also, add Google Webmaster Tool to be aware of any critical issue in your website.

Surely after reading this article, you will have some other key to creating a successful blog

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