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A favicon is a short form of favorite icon. In the early time when other analytical tools were not available, favicon was used to estimate the number of times the site is bookmarked. It was the way of estimating the audience of the site. But nowadays there are latest tools available for analysis, so it’s become more a branding part of the site rather than the analytical tool.

Add Favicon to your blog

Favicon a small but useful thing

It has many benefits like using a custom favicon make the site look professional, increase credibility which is an edge over competitors. Mostly all big websites have a favicon. If it has no use then why the big giants waste their time in favicon.

It makes the side branded. Majority use the first letter of their brand name as the favicon, so you can also use the initials of the brand name as the favicon, but this is not a hard and fast rule. The favicon is an eye-catching element of the site. Makes the visitor remember about the site and make the indication to visitors that they come at right place

It’s an overall increase in branding, professionalism and credibility of the site. Since you are going to work on a site for the long-term, it’s better to use it.

Placement of Favicon on different Items

There is total of six places where a favicon can be found: Address bar, Address bar drop-down list, Links bar, Bookmarks, Tabs, Drag to desktop. For different browser placement of favicon is different. For example favicon placement on chrome is on Links bar, Bookmarks, Tabs, Drag to desktop. For Firefox, it is shown on all six places. For Internet Explorer and Opera, it is shown on the Address bar, Links bar, Bookmarks, Tabs, Drag to desktop. For Safari, it’s shown only on Address bar and Bookmarks. All these placement depends upon the different version of browsers.

Size and dimensions

Use 16×16 pixels square icon to make a favicon. According to blogger, the size of the file should be less than 100kB. You can make it on paint or on or use the online free favicon generating tool. Just google it and you will come up with the list of free services.

A Single step Tutorial to place a Favicon on blog in blogger

First sign in your blogger account. Click on your blog title then on the left sidebar, click on layout.

On the top left corner, there is a small section of favicon. Click edit Favicon. A new window will open. Click on choose file. Select the source where you saved favicon file. Click on open, then click on save.  Now your favicon is successfully uploaded. Then click on save arrangements. Now click view blog to see the end result.

Hope you like the post and do add the favicon on your website. What are your experiences and thoughts, express through comments.

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