How to add pages in a blog

In a blog, you can not only publish your post but also add pages. Pages are used to provide special and specific information related to your niche. Pages are also used for information which is not updated frequently, some most common examples are about us, contact page, disclaimer, privacy policy pages. There are countless examples of pages like company profile, mission, vision, director or board of governance message and so on. Page links can be placed below the header and above the post.

add pages in blog tutorial

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Set-up Pages

Now let’s get started with the step by step tutorial to create the pages for the blog. First, off course, you need to log in to your blogger account.

Click on the page from the sidebar at left side. Click on new Page. Now enter the title and write the content. Then click on publish button in orange.

Now go to the template from the side menu. Now at Cross-Column section, below the header section, click on the gadget.

add a gadget

Scroll down the gadget list to get the pages gadget. Click on ‘+’ sign at right. A new window with details of pages will be shown.


All the pages you created shows at ‘Pages to show’ menu. Since in this post, I have not created any page so it shown the only homepage. Click on all the page which you like to display at your blog.


You can also add the page available at your other side or someone else page, after taking the permission. To do this click on ‘Add external Link’, enter the page title and page address then save it. This is done.

At the right side, there is a list order. You can drag and drop the page to change the order of pages. Then click save. Here’s you go. All done.

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