How to Apply for Google AdSense Account

Google Adsense is one of the leading advertising programs. I have talked about it already in my many previous posts. Today I am going to share with you a step by step tutorial to apply for AdSense program.

It is highly recommended to apply with top level domain and through domain specific business email. I recommend you to read Necessary Google AdSense Approval Tips before applying to the program. To get your free domain specific business email please read my previous post, Free Business Email in just 5 Minutes.

Apply for Adsense
If you have read the necessary approval tips and feel confident to pass the google two step verification process then click here to start.

Click on ‘Get Started Now’ button in blue. A welcome to AdSense window will open click on sign in to move ahead.

Now enter the email address through which you want to apply for AdSense account. As also mentioned in the introduction, it is advised to use a domain specific email address to get the professional look and increase the chance of approval. I have posted already about how to get a domain specific email address absolutely free, please read it to get your very own domain specific email address free. If you are using a free domain or hosted site then enter the gmail address here. To create your new gmail account please refer to step 1 of Make blog in 3 simple steps. Then click Next.
If you enter the domain specific email address then you get an error of unrecognized account. So click on ‘create an account’ using domain specific email address. Fill your particulars then click on next step. Complete the verification process.

Add a account

Now again repeat the first step by visiting google adsense official. After completing the first step, you will enter in the second step of the AdSense account process. Enter the domain of the website and select the primary language of the website then click on continue button.
This is the very important step, enter all your information very accurately. Because once your account got approval, it will be very difficult (or on some countries it’s impossible) to change the details. So be very careful and double check before submit your application.
At payee name. enter the exact name as on your national identity card. Then enter the complete address, don’t make any mistake in this, because you will receive your cheques at the address you entered here.
Enter your phone number, you will get a notification, that your number is not verified. After filling the form click on submit the application. You will be asked to verify your phone number either by  a call or a SMS. Select any of it, you will get a code on your phone. Enter the code and press verify.
At this stage, your application procedure is completed. Within 6 to 8 hours you will get the email from AdSense about your application status, either it clears the first step or there is any issue in your site because of which your application is not approved at this time.  Don’t worry, take your time and remove the issues mentioned in the email and reapply, until you get your AdSense account.
Please read the following post before applying to AdSense

Hope you enjoy reading the post and found it helpful for your make money online career. How many of you apply for AdSense and get approval in the first attempt. How many time you reapply for AdSense. What about adsense premium publisher account Comment us your story to motivate our viewers. If you like the post then please share it with your friends on social media.

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