Backlinks: Improve offpage SEO

The term backlink is referred to as an inbound or incoming link, through which human and bot visitors come to the website.  Backlinks are the most important part of off page SEO. Backlinks are of two types.

  • Nofollow Backlinks
  • Dofollow Backlinks

Backlinks: Improve offpage SEO


No follow links tell the bots not to follow the links, which means that no follow links are not helpful from the point of view of SEO. But these no follow links help you to get the targeted audience from highly reputed blogs. Normally high PR blogs give no follow links, these links not help in raising the rank of the site but these will definitely provide some high relevant traffic. The second reason, to use no follow links will make the site genuine. If all links are dofollow then it seems spamming. To make the site in good standing in front of google and google Adsense, it is recommended to use the mixture of both no follow and do follow backlinks. You can use 20-30% of the nofollow link and 70-80% of do follow links.


Our majority concern with respect to SEO is with do follow links. Which tells the crawler bots to follow the link. Dofollow are the major factor of link building. There are lot of benefits of do follow links

  • Drive the related traffic to our site
  • Increase in our readers
  • Increase in social media following
  • Increase in subscriber
  • Increase the Alexa Ranking
  • Increase the page rank
  • Increase the credibility

These are just some of the benefits which I enlist here. There are lot more benefits of do follow backlinks.
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Now you know what backlinks are, what are their types, what their benefits are? It’s time to know the techniques to create the high-quality backlinks. There are several ways to create the quality of backlinks using White Hat SEO techniques. Some of the most important techniques are explained below.


Guest posting is the best way to get the quality backlinks from high reputed same niche sites. Write the best articles for guest posting. This is basically you are showcasing your abilities, your command over the topic, your knowledge, your writing skills, your ability to engage the readers, and very important thing, your article force your readers to visit your site to read more articles. And this is what the purpose of guest posting is. In a nutshell, choose your best articles (which are not published already anywhere) for guest posting. Find high page rank, high Alexa rank, and high credible site with a lot of following sites or blog for guest posting.


Finding a credible blog for guest posting is a hectic task, first thing is to find a blog with required PR, second thing is whether that blog accepts guest post or not, third thing is whether these guest posting is free or not, fourth and most import thing is whether your article meets the minimum quality lines to be accepted in reputed blog.

Commenting is the fast, easiest and cheapest way to get the quality backlink. Cheapest in a sense of both money and content. It’s not cheapest but its totally free. You don’t have to pay to get the backlink and you don’t have to publish any content to get the backlink. What you have to do, is to find the high-quality sites of the same niche. Read their post thoroughly. After understanding the main points of the post, you can write your reviews, write anything that you think is relevant and not address in the post. The more your comment is content rich and meaningful, the more valuable the comment is. Comment on both do follow and no follow sites. Nofollow comments will give you targeted audience and save you from being spam. Dofollow comments will, of course, rank your site.

I had uploaded a list of blogs that allows dofollow comments. Until then, tell us how do you get the backlinks. Do you have more ideas share with us and others? Because sharing is caring.

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