Best Android Smartphone Money Making Apps That Pay You

Now a days, we are living in an era of technology. Almost all of us use smartphones with different apps. Money making scams are a sad reality especially since a lot of them happen on the web. But fear not. It turns out; there are some pretty legitimate ways to make money online as well. There are some awesome applications which can perfectly help you to earn money on one click. These apps are available free for both Android and iOS users. The websites / apps in this list offer members to gain rewards and while some of them not gave cash, but the rewards are pretty satisfactory themselves. Let’s have a look at those apps which will help you earn money.


As far as money making websites go, Swagbucks deserves a place at the top. This survey site is pretty popular in the US. Its pretty simple to use as well. You just have to complete a series of short tasks and be paid in virtual cash or “Swag Bucks” (SB) which is the website’s currency. One SB comes up to one cent.

Swagbucks makes it really easy to make money online. They even pay users $5 at signup and more for filling in their profiles or for installing the “SwagButton” browser extension.  Users are also entitled to a bonus when they manage to earn 2,500 SB during the first sixty days. And if you are willing to commit some more, you can also win great gift cards from retailers like Target and Amazon.

The website is pretty easy to use but it gives new users a tutorial anyway. There are also several ways that you can win awards through it. For example, you can win cashbacks for shopping through their links. Swagbucks partners with big retailers like Amazon and Target, so you have a lot of options for this.

best android money making apps that pay you


Qmee is another money making website that has risen to fame. Like SwagBucks it asks users to install its browser extension and use it to do what you normally would – search and shop online. You get cash rewards for every relevant result Qmee provides for you in the sidebar. Just click on the result that interests you to engage with your favorite brands. It’s as simple as that.

There are several other ways with which you can make money on Qmee. Even something as simple as sharing your thoughts and opinions on surveys helps. For example, every completed survey will get you a reward. New surveys will be sent to you as they come. Another way to make money is to add friends. However, you can only be rewarded after they make their first cash-out to PayPal. Qmee also has a mobile app for users on the go. By using the mobile version, you can work on getting rewards while you are free at the office or out on vacation.


Maximiles is an online UK based loyalty program that rewards users for tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys and responding to emails. As a user, you gain points whenever you indulge in these tasks which can be exchanged for gifts in the site’s reward catalogue.

Maximiles boasts of over 600 merchants. After the free signup, simply log in, engage with any of your favorite merchants and start earning points. Clicking through the links is important since it helps the site track your purchase activity and credit you. You won’t get any cash but the rewards are pretty much satisfactory for loyal users. Examples include DVDs, CDs, books and also vouchers for different products.

Users can buy as many rewards as they want depending on the number of points in their accounts and receive them within ten working days. Maximiles also acts as a liaison between suppliers and customers.

Gift Hulk

Like most of the names in this list, Gift Hulk rewards user for completing small online tasks with virtual currency; or in this case Hulk Coins. As a user, you can utilize your Hulk Coins in exchange for a variety of gifts in the Hulk Store. Each task on the site comes with a reward value, which makes it easy for users to know what they are getting into and determine if a  task is worth their while.

Gift Hulk also gives users the chance to win instant prizes with

sweepstakes. Moreover,  it also posts codes on social media which followers enter on the Fountain of Youth page to gain more Hulk Coins. To get more Coins, invite your friends with an invite code, complete searches, surveys, watch ads on YouTube and even creating blog posts. You can redeem the currency for online gift cards and other rewards.


Surveys On The Go is one the best apps that pay you money. Available on both iOS and Android, it is a perfect app to make quick cash when you are on the go, on public transport or when you are at home. The MFour Mobole Research Inc. app pays out on time, which is one of the reasons we love it. Surveys that you receive are usually worth USD 0.25 to USD 5, but you are really only going to benefit if you are from the United Kingdom and United States. The cash out threshold for this app is USD 10. Surveys are general and mostly short. With this application you get surveys based on your ideas of advertising campaigns, current news topics or videos.

With online money making scams on the rise, it can be hard to pinpoint resources that are the real deal. The websites mentioned above aren’t only legitimate; the people who have used them have had pretty satisfactory experiences. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Download these apps and start making money…!

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