Best Online Jobs for Teens School and College Students

Teenage is the age of having time and energy, but no money and young people have lots of expenditures. Nowadays having money in a pocket is very important for teens. I know this and that’s one of the reasons for starting BlogLearns, our motto Blog for Learn to Earn. Today in this post we will discuss about online jobs for teens to make your pocket money or even make this your regular and permanent job or business.  BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Right!!

best online jobs for teens under 18

Online Jobs for Teens

Getting an office job for teenagers is quite difficult because of age and experience. The easiest form of getting jobs are odd jobs which are difficult to do and also require lots of time and hardwork. HardTimes!!

Do you ever get in this situation (share your experience with us in comment section). Guess what here is your solution: start making money online by working from home.

Several companies offer online jobs to teenagers or school college students, which  you can easily manage to do in your spare time after school. The beauty of online work is that a teenager with no experience can do this work from home with his ease of work timing. Opportunities increase a lot more with the latest trend of online jobs.

There are lot of peoples who have adopted online work as their full-time job and achieve remarkable success. Teenage is a great time for you to start, give this field a try.

Now let’s get started with online work.

Simple and Easy Online Work

Yes, we start with simple and easy task. These includes ad clicking, captcha entry, filling online forms, complete surveys or mystery shopping. Some other easy task like reviewing things like products, apps, games, websites music and videos. Let’s discuss them in little more detail.

Ads Surfing (Pay to Click)

Well! The first job in our list is a very simple Pay to click job. You just need to view ads and earn. The major ingredient of PTC is its referrals. As a teenager or a school / college student you have many friends who have time (and of course who need extra money) you can convince them to work in their free time as ad surfer through your referral.

Are you excited about PTC. Yes! So you are interested to learn how you can make 100 or 1000 of dollars per month with PTC sites. Read this complete guide to make money online from PTC sites.

In your daily life, you use different products, create your opinion of using (or purchasing) that product again or not based on its quality or on some other factors. Doing all this give you no revenue.

Can we paid for reviewing products. Yes! by using products free and giving your honest opinion, you can earn money as well. So you want to know why someone pay you to use his product. Here is your answer.

Reviewing products is the important and critical stage in every industry. Companies hire people to review their products like buyers. Giant companies spend almost forty-one billion dollars every year to know the public opinion about their product which helps them to decide whether to invest in this product or not or what improvement they can make to get more business and profit. So these companies hire market research firms which outsource this to freelancers like you.

There are many products, which are utilize / use online, so it’s best to review them online. And this is the point where your interest is, that is, to become the online reviewer.

If you’re a person who has the know-how of product like websites, music, videos, apps, games and so on, then this is one of the best online job for you.

  • Product Reviews
  • Listen and review music
  • Review Videos
  • Review Websites
  • Play Games
  • Use Apps

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are easy to do, it’s work difficulty level varies from easy to intermediate level. You can easily work from home and can make enough money to fulfill your needs. Look at different types of data entry jobs below.

  • Transcribing
  • Captcha Entry Job
  • Filling online forms
  • Complete Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Become a “Mechanical Turk”

Transcription is also a professional work. There are different levels of transcription like audio/video transcription, general, medical, legal transcription.

“Online Transcription Jobs” is a vast topic and it cannot be covered in few line. If you are interested in this field then you need to look at this post: General Transcription Jobs from Home for Beginners. Again a complete post with requirements, benefits, who can apply, how to get success in transcription field and of course a complete list of companies offering online transcription jobs. Do read this if you want to make your career in transcription world.

The easiest work after ad surfing  is captcha entry. Just need to fill captcha. Filling forms from data, completing online surveys and doing mystery shopping with reviews. All these are data entry work and you can get the complete detail on my online data entry jobs post.

Work at home Call agent

Okay. I am not kidding. Yes you can work as call agent from your home because some companies offer call agents jobs to teens like you. If you love talking on phone then it is the best option for you to get some decent (or let me say HANDSOME) money. You can even choose this as your profession. Check out my post on work from home call agent jobs. This post has complete details of how you can join any virtual call center, eligibility, requirements, test etc with a bonus of complete 175+ companies list offer this job.

Online Teaching

Since majority of you are students, and if you have command on any subjects ( I am supposing you a GOOD STUDENT) then why not you make extra cash by giving online tuition classes. Even creating the good notes will bring recurring income, by selling them online. Here is the list what you can do to make money in your teenage as an online teacher.

  • Online Tutor or Teacher
  • Do Online Coaching
  • Sell Online Courses
  • Sell Online Notes
  • Sell Your Old School Books for Extra Cash
  • Sell your stories
  • Write and publish a Kindle eBook
  • Expert Advice
  • Focus group participant

Sell Stuff Online

Do you have any thing which is now not in use or just useless for you. Yes. . .  then why don’t you try to sell it out to someone either online or physically offline to make some bucks. Okay now the first idea is to sell your old and useless stuff online. Second idea it to create or make things to sell online like any hand made item or any digital item like websites, apps, games softwares or any thing else in which you have interest and expertises. You can also sell your notes, old books, kindle books.

You can Sell on

  • EBay
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon

Sell Photos online

If photography is your skill or you can create new photos using softwares then you can easily make money by selling these photos online.

You can sell photos, illustrations and vectors online. One option is that you create your own website or online store to sell your art. This opinion required other fields expertise as well like web designing, SEO and marketing.

But if you are a sole photographer or artist, either you can hire professional to do this for you or you can sell your work on already working and famous photographing site.

Let me tell you sme best place where you can sell your work and make money.

  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • iStock Photo
  • PhotoShelter
  • Fotolia
  • Can Stock Photo
  • SmugMug
  • Dreamstime
  • PhotoMoolah

Each site has its own way of offering you to make money online like some offer percentage of royalty amount on each sale, some offers contests and some offers you to showcase your work and sell it to buyer using their platform.

Make Money Online from Youtube 

Making money from videos is quite big field. Each and every kind of video can be used to generate revenue. You can either make real videos from your camcorder or from mobile phone camera.

You can upload your own copyrighted videos on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other similar sites. There are many sites from where you can make money but youtube is the best platform.

  • First you need to create account on youtube from your gmail account.
  • Create a channel on youtube on which you upload videos.
  • Now upload videos which you recorded or created already.

Ways to make money from youtube videos

There are different ways available through which a youtuber can make handsome money. It is advised to test these methods to see which one work best for you. Also, using more then one method, not only increases revenue but also make you less dependable on any single monetizing method. Here are some ways through which you can monetize your videos.

  • You can easily make money by monetizing these videos with Google Adsense or other ad publishing networks. (Update: To monetize your video with youtube partner program (Adsense), you need a total of 10,000 view on your channel. )
  • You can create videos for sponsored reviews.
  • You can promote your own products or affiliate links through your videos by posting links in description section.
  • You can sell advertisement slot within your videos.

Buy Sell Domain/ Website

Now I am going to tell you a very successful business model. Buy sell domains or website is a hot business and if your work intelligently you can make 4-6 figure money.

Flippa is the best site to start this business; you need to invest in high authority domains and list them on auction and make money.

Similar is the case with websites and apps creation and selling.

To start this type of work you need to understand what types of domains are worthy to buy. Let me give you examples, like a 3 letter .com domain normally sold on $10,000 to $100,000 or even go upto $10,00,000.

A 4 domain starts from $500 and can go upto $5000. But the problem is that all these three letter or four letter domains are already purchased and you can’t get them from any domain registrar.

The domains with single word have also very high value. I advised you to explore to understand what kind of domain you can purchase to sell on higher rate.

Now if you can create a website on blogger or on wordpress or on any other CMS, then you can make good money by making websites and selling them online. Same is the case with apps.


If you have any skill or skills, you can try your luck on freelancing. Freelancing is a real and serious business which you can do part-time easily or even extend it to full-time in future. This is one of the fastest way of getting money online.  Here is the list of best freelancing platforms

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Odesk
  • UpWork
  • Craigslist
  • Elance
  • Peopleperhour
  • Guru

Fiverr is one of the easiest platform to start freelancing. in fiverr you don’t need to pass any test or to show any certificates to get the job. In five minutes you can start selling on fiverr.


Blogging is a very vast field. It includes some technicalities as well as creativity and most important patience. You can learn complete details about blogging here at BlogLearns. Blogging is a time taking job; you can do it part-time at the start, but you have to give proper time to it. It will worth you lot more. Blogging is one of the best online jobs for teens. Be your own BOSS.

For your first project, you can start blogging from zero investment by making blog on or on I already discuss the complete process of making blog and make money online from blogging. It’s a multi post topic but you can start here: Make Money Online without Investment by Blogging.

online jobs for college students

List of Companies Offering Online Jobs to Teenagers

Uptil now I have completely discuss with you people about online jobs for teens in deep detail. Yes in detail. Now its time to start work online. So, for you, a comprehensive list of companies offering jobs to teens is compiled. Goto your age group section, find the company, apply for job and start working.

Online Jobs for Teens having 13 or 13+ Age

Following companies allow 13 years old teens to take surveys and Mini Jobs

Nada Mobile – you need to have a Facebook account to earn free gift cards for watching short ads online

Helium If you have the ability to write articles then helium is the right place to start at the age of 13

Jingit offers simple pay to click jobs

Zoombucks Make money by sharing links

Perk –Search on the Internet, watch videos and much more with your mobile and make cash.

ScreenWise Trends Panel – Make money by installing a browser extension and free mobile app on your computer or smartphone. Get $6 for signup and make $3 per week by using the internet on your registered devices with ScreenWise.

Fiverr is the best freelancing site. You can make lot of money if you have any skill.

MyLikes You can make money by showing your activity on social media. MyLikes will pay you to share the links. Minimum payout is $1 through PayPal or Amazon gift card.

Qmee Use Qmee as your browser and make money by seeing advertisements. No minimum payout through PayPal.

Jobs for 14 and 14+ Teenagers

Paid to take surveys jobs at

Treasure Trooper – Get paid to watch videos, listen to radio, play games and referring others.

Play 2 Shop – earn points to play games and get free gift cards.

Jobs for 15 and 15+ Teens

Enroll – allow teens of 15 to make money tutoring other students online.

PanelPolls – paid for surveys, short polls, watch TV shows and commercials, test mobile apps.

Hiving –will pay you to take surveys from some major brands IKEA, Apple, and Heineken.

AppBounty – Get gift cards for downloading free apps, and make money by playing games

Survey Club – Complete market research and online surveys to earn money

Mindfield Online – will pay for completing interesting opinion surveys.

Paid ViewPoint – paid for short polls.

Valued Opinions – paid for online surveys

Jobs for 16 and 16+ Teens

My Survey Pay to take survey and polls.

StudySoup – Do online teaching and make great money.

Ipsos – make money as phone agent to conduct worldwide interviews and conducting market research.

Reward TV – Answer about last day watch TV shows and get points. You can also play Trivia and win cash prizes.

Uhaul–work as a customer service representative. Pay between $7.5 to $8.5 per hour. Also give different bonuses which make basic salary up to $15 per hour.

Jobs for 17 and 17+ Teenagers

Global Test Market –Get paid for doing surveys in Amazon gift cards and PayPal.

Humanatic – By sorting phone messages into categories, teens of 17 can make money.

Ibotta – Shop through this mobile app and get cash back. Also, make money by its referral system.

Slice the Pie Listen and Review Music. Pay between $0.05 and $0.20 per track. Earning can increase based on your account ranking, quality, length and quantity of your reviews.

Online Jobs for College Students (18 and 18+ Teens)

Different Freelancing companies offer online jobs to teens of 18+

Feature Points –Get cash for trying free apps.

Free Eats – make extra money for receiving text messages.

Checkout51 – offers you to get cash back by uploading the photo of the receipt.

Cash4Books – Make money by selling your old books. Pays for shipping as well.

Music Xray –listen to music of new singers and get $0.10 per listen of 30 seconds

The Vault – Make crazy videos and sell to ‘the vault’ to make up to $400 per video.

Fusion Cash – Get paid to download apps, web surfing, listen radio and much more work.

Snap by Groupon –  Upload your shopping receipts and get cash back on groceries items.

Ebates – Get cash back for making online purchases. Referrer your friend and get $25 per referral. Get $10 free for joining.

Blurb – You can sell your photos, books, e-books and magazines online on Amazon and Apple through Blurb.

Forum Wheel – Make money by posting on different forums. Before start, you need to provide 10 sample posts to get the approval (a one-time process).

SwagBucks – SwagBucks pays for completing surveys, doing data entry jobs, web surfing, play games, watch videos, search the Internet,

Companies that Allow teens to work online with parental consent

Sell on Etsy You can sell things online

Hubpages – accept writes under 18 with parental consent.

Prize Rebel – Get paid for online tasks and watching videos.

Harris Poll allow teens of 13 to take survey under parental contest

Opinion Square – Give your opinion on surveys and earn cash.

Companies that offer No Age Restriction for online work

Bookscouter Sell old school books

Postloop – Get paid to post simple comments on blogs and forums.

Some Important limits

  • Twitter Account No minimum age
  • Gmail Account 13+ years old
  • Facebook Account 13+ years old
  • PayPal Account 18+ years old

Teenage is not only a time to make some extra pocket money, but it’s the best time to start thinking about your future and introduce yourself with online entrepreneurship. These online jobs for teens is a great learning and earning opportunities. Try new things and analyze your interest and abilities so that when you complete your education, you will be able to make handsome money by doing work from home.

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