Five ways to Earn Money Online without Investment

With an increase in inflation rate, it is getting harder and harder to get the good job. And if you have a job then many times it become quite difficult to manage the expenses with the day job salary. The solution is to do part time jobs, do more savings, reduce expenditures and so on. As you know, it is our tradition on BlogLearns to provide you different and new ways to make money online, so that you can enjoy your life and overcome your problems with extra income sources. So, today we will discuss some easy and free ways of earning money online and try to motivate you to start working online.

Top 5 ways to Earn money online without investment

Captcha Filling

Captcha filling is very easy job. It does not require any specific skill or expertise. You just need to fill the captchas online. Normally captcha filling sites pay $0.5- $1.5 per 1000 correct captcha solved. Although it does not pay good value of your hard work and time but it’s good to have something then nothing.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are easily available on different freelancing sites. Read here the complete guidance on online data entry jobs. Data entry work can be done either part time or full time. Form filling, surveys, transcription of documents all are included in this field. It’s a quite big field. You can find jobs easily and can earn good extra income.


YouTube is one of the consistent and best way of making money online. People around the globe are running successful channels and making handsome money even 6 figures. Although they don’t achieve this place overnight but a hard work of years make them to reach this shiny place. To get instant money you can work on trends. Working on trends will give you high and fast earning but you need to work consistent on upcoming trends in order to earn continuously. However working on specific niche will take time in making money but will last for long time without continuous work.


Freelancing is the best way of utilizing your skills and making instant money. You don’t need to wait for long time to start earning. The best platform for beginners is Fiverr, as it doesn’t require any qualification test to become seller on Fiverr. You just need to make free account on Fiverr and post the gigs related to your skills.

People around the globe are doing freelancing and enjoying big earnings from home. The top five freelancing countries includes United States, India, Ukraine, Pakistan, and United Kingdom, which shows the diversity of freelancers’ region. From US, UK to Pakistan and India, the whole world is moving towards freelancing. The freelancer of these countries are working online and earning handsome money. Countries like Pakistan and India from South Asia are doing great in this online field. Lots of famous blogs are owned by people of these countries and in freelancing they beat the first world nations and developed countries. Trend of online work is increasing day by day and people search more on how to earn money online in Pakistan to update and improve themselves. Making money online concept is not new and also it is legit way of earning. People around the globe are working online and enjoying the luxurious life.


Current price of Bitcoin is around $2500 and it is expected to increase four times in upcoming years. To earn some instant big amount from bitcoin you may need to do investments in bitcoin trading, just like forex trading. Profits are quite big if you do it properly. Caution: A high risk is involved in trading, please do it after taking proper training and guidance from experts of the field. In this post we are focused on how to earn money online without investment, so, you can visit bitcoin faucets to receive free satoshis. A complete guide on how to make money with bitcoins is already published on BlogLearns, read here to get complete guidance. Bitcoin mining is another great way of earning bitcoins but may require little investment.

These are some simple and easy ways to earn money online without investment. After reading the post you may get the idea that how people from whole world are working online and making money. Its not specific to first world or second world nation but also the third world nation, especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are doing great in online field. Hope you like the post and make your mind to start working online.

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