Free Business Email in Just 5 Minutes

I have seen many webmasters owning the custom domain but not having the business email. This looks very unprofessional. One of the main reason is the monthly hosting rate to pay the money to host the business email account. Now you don’t need to waste your money on your business email hosting. I also recommend you to purchase the domain from registrar and don’t waste your money on email hosting because today I am going to explain to you how you can get your business email account ABSOLUTELY FREE with zohomail in just five minutes. Zohomail also offers their premium services. But I am talking about their free services which offer 10 email addresses on one domain. Zohomail provides the mail space up to 5 GB free of cost.

Free Professional Business Email


After purchasing your Top level domain which is like, goto zohomail site.

zoho mail dot com

Now enter your domain name which you already purchased from any registrar in the first field and click on add domain.

Next fill the form like here I did.

fill the form

Then you get a congratulation message and they will ask you to verify the ownership of your domain. Click on “Proceed to verify domain ownership”.


Verification Process
You can verify ownership either by

  1.  CNAME Method
  2.  TXT Method
  3. HTML Method

The CNAME and TXT method may require the 1-2 hour to complete the process, but that’s not true always. I used the TXT method and complete the process in no time. HTML method is also the fastest method, it also don’t require to wait for 2 hours to complete verification. You can use any of the methods you find easy to use, I have mentioned the process of all the three methods.


  • Visit your domain registrar. Log in and open the domain management page
  • Goto add CNAME records.
  • Enter the Zoho generated code like zb******* in the name/ Host/ Alias/ CNAME field
  • Enter In the Value/ Points To/ Destination field.
  • Reduce the TTL to lowest possible value. It is recommended to set TTL to 300 seconds. For Godaddy registrar, select the TTL to ½ hour
  • Click on Finish. Wait for 1-2 hour then login to your Zoho mail, go to control panel and click on Verify.


  • Download the HTML verification file verifyforzoho.html.
  • Create a zohoverify folder under the root directory.
  • Now upload the verifyforzoho.html to zohoverify folder.
  • Visit this page, see the verification number, click the verify button.

All done. This is the fastest way to do the verification.


  • For TXT method, log in to your account with your Domain registrar. Open DNS Records.
  • Click on add records, then select record type as TXT (Text).
  • At host field enter “@” and at point to enter the zoho verification code, then select TTL to 300 seconds or the minimum possible value recommended by your Registrar. Like for GoDaddy it’s half hour.
  • After saving it go back to zoho page and click verify. It will take 30 to 45 minutes to verify it.


These are the three methods to do the verification process. After verification click on create account.

Now you need to configure Email delivery, for this you need to change the MX Records. Login to your registrar account. Open DNS Records. Click on add records, then select record type as MX (Mail Exchanger). Enter @ at the host, at the point to, set priority to 10. Select TTL to a ½ hour and click add another, now at point to enter, set priority to 20. Select TTL to ½ hour and click finish.

Click Save changes, with this you have successfully added MX records for your custom hosted domain. Make sure that you have deleted all previous MX records. That’s all now you can access your mail box here

This is the complete tutorial set your free business email. Creating a business email not only give you a professional look but also increase the credibility. Using a custom domain also increases your chance to get the AdSense account approval.

Hope you like the post. comment us your experiences with Zoho mail.

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