Google AdSense Premium Account for Publishers

Today I am going to discuss about Google Adsense Premium account because having an AdSense publisher account is a dream come true for bloggers. It gives an opportunity to earn handsome amount and if work hard, one can make his living easily with Google AdSense. Many bloggers in the blogosphere are making their living with just AdSense only. It is a great form of making passive money easily with no initial investment required.
It’s a very easy and popular way to earn money online. Isn’t it amazing! Yeah. But there is always a fear of getting it banned. That’s why we always abide by the rules mentioned in their TOS to save from ban.

Google AdSense Premium Account Publisher

Somewhere on the internet, I read about the blogger who got banned and lost his almost 45000$ which was blocked by Adsense. I am not trying to scare you but showing the real picture of the blogging world. If someone got banned, there is 99% chance of not getting back the account. Only in rare cases with a very substantial reason, adsense administration can lift the ban.

I think I have scared you a lot. But that was not my intention. I am here to help you and provide you the real scenarios. Today I am going to tell you about how you can remove this fear completely and forever. But for this, you have to work hard. If you think you can do this, then continue reading.

I know you can do this 🙂


Everybody knows about Google AdSense. You can read my previous post on Google Adsense. But today I am going to tell you about Google AdSense Premium Account. This is the account if you manage to get google premium ads  then you get unlimited benefits from google Adsense. let me list down some of them:

  • CPC rates are negotiable
  • Ads by google or ad choice label will be removed
  • Maximum limit of ad units removed
  • You can Customize the AdSense ads
  • Account will never ever be going to banned
  • Ads for adult pages
  • Allowed Sticky Ads
  • Image to request user to remove Adblock
  • Separate page for login
  • A dedicated ad manager of AdSense team is going to monitor the account

For google ads, you have seen written ‘Ads by Google’ or ‘ad choice.’ After getting a premium account, these labels will be removed. It will be going to look more professional and also give a look that you are more focus on content and helping visitors rather than making money from them. This is just my point of understanding.

Googles allow three content images, two search boxes and three link ads on a single page.  This limitation will be removed for google adsense premium users. You can add 4-5 ads unit on a single page.

With a premium account, you can change the size and font of the ads. Which you can’t able to do with your regular account.

The rate of commission or percentage of commission on each click is now going to be negotiable with a premium account holder. With a google adsense premium account, you can ask your own choice of commission rate on each single click on ads. Also get Best adsense cpm

Adults and gambling pages are not allowed to show ads on ordinary adsense account. AdSense account will be banned if you do this. But not anymore, now with a premium adsense account you can also place ads on adult and gambling pages as well.

With Google Adsense Premium Account, a publisher can also use sticky Ads on his website. If any of user is using adblocker, then premium publisher websites show an image requesting its user to disable the Adblock.

The best feature of premium account is that it’s not going to be banned anymore. The biggest fear is now gone. A dedicated team member of AdSense expert team is going to monitor your account and will inform you if there comes any problem in the account, so you can fix it. Isn’t it an amazing news? Yes, I know that for this point you have read the whole post. So congratulations to you for this great news. And of course, no one wants to cheat google adsense because cheating can never be tolerated. But sometimes adsense account got banned for invalid clicks which are obviously not made by the publisher, this problem will be resolved with premium publisher account.


You don’t need to apply for a premium account, google AdSense will automatically upgrade your standard account to premium account when it fulfills the requirements. I know all of you just want to know the requirements. Well here are the requirements

  • A website must have at least 20 million page views per month
  • A website must have at least 5 million search queries per month
  • A website content must be unique and original.
  • A website has good reputation on the web

Just one clarification: Since with such famous sites, google get most of its adsense revenue, so google never wants to loose such partnership, that’s why google offer such facilities to its premium publishers. Providing a dedicated ad manager is also for the same reason i.e to avoid and resolve any kind of problem and provide services for the smooth running of premium publisher account

There are just four requirements to get the google adsense premium account. Okay, I know that’s not very simple but once you get the premium account you have countless advantages. Keep in view the advantage. Dream Big. Aim Big. Why can’t we get our self-eligible for a premium account? We just need to work hard and efficiently. Share your experience and thoughts about google premium account. Together we achieve this milestone. There is nothing in this world which is impossible. What just need is the vision, direction and hard work. I am just like you people. But I have dedication and mission. Yes, I will achieve this goal and so you will be. Rise and shine together.

Hope you enjoy the post and information. Do comment us your thoughts.

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