How to Become a Disney Travel Agent Work From Home

Do you have travelling craze. Do you love exploring disneyland. Do you enjoy disney vacations. Yes? Well! Today we are going to explore one of the best travel guide money making job for you. In this post we will discuss how to become a disney travel agent which is a dream job for disney lovers. You can earn decent money by doing the job you loved most.

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

To become a disney travel agent you must know the disneyland (more depth, more helpful), resorts, rides and other details. You can either join any travel agency or you can work individually independently as disney travel agent. In both the cases you will get commission on every disney vacations you planed for customers.

how to become a disney travel agent work from home

Mostly disney travel agencies don’t require any specific educational degree but you must have good personality and good communication skills as you have to deal with clients.

Normally travel agencies requires you to go through online disney educational training program which helps you in your career.

As a disney travel agent, you have to make new clients, plan their vacations on disneyland according to their taste, book the best resorts, hotels, rides, shows and meal plans. On these bookings you/your company get the commission. That’s why you can work with agency or work individually.

One of the best thing is that you can work from home as a disney travel agent. You need to  plan/ design the customer visits to disneyland, which you can easily do from home. There are many agency offering remote jobs, where you can work from your home and get paid.

Become a disney travel agent, you have a lucrative career waiting for you. How you become a disney travel agent, share your love and experiences with us.

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