How to Blog

Do you want to know how to do blogging, how to start it, what are the important factors involved in blogging, then this post is especially for you.


Today I am going to discuss completely  ‘How to Blog’. In this post, we will talk about

  • How to select a niche
  • Find a domain name
  • Find a hosting
  • Choose the blogging platform
  • Design
  • Last but not the least Start Blogging

How to blog
But before starting this post, I would like you to read my first post on blogging Earning through Blogging, which gives you an idea of the horizon of earning through blogging. I hope this will also help you in understanding ‘how to blog’. First thing in how to do blog is to understand what a blog is.


A blog is a short form of Weblog showing pieces of information in reverse chronological. Blogs are updated regularly and new posts are shown first.


The first thing you need to figure out is your interest. Finalize the niche on which you can write on the regular basis without getting bored and tired.

Try to find the niche in which:

  • You have the interest to read, interest to write.
  • You will not get bored reading or writing on the topic.
  • You will able to research new trends in your niche.
  • You will have complete command over the topic.
  • You are capable of answering satisfactorily to your readers.
  • You can become an authority on that topic.


The next step after finalizing niche is to buy a domain name from any good registrar. Don’t make a blog with free domain names, because when you establish your blog completely and get the backlinks and lot of visitor start visiting your blog you need to go for paid hosting which means you have to buy the domain name, changing the domain name will make you start from scratch. So, be wise, buy a domain name in the start. You can use both a brand domain name and exact match domain (EMD). Well, I can give you examples like for brand name or for EMD domains, let say you want to make a blog on how to blog, you can find an EMD domain like
Both brand name or EMD have their own pros and cons, and you can choose domain name depending upon your requirement. EMD domains are helpful for specific niche blog and easy to rank the blog, but using EMD will not allow you to change the niche later on. For brand name domain you can blog about any niche you want, you can blog for multiple niches at a time, you can change the niche later on if you want.

You can check and buy domains from good registrar like


Money management is very important for blogging. This is one of the key steps in ‘How To Blog’. So, use a coupon to buy a domain, because with coupons you can easy buy the domain in $0.99 easily.

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Next step is to find a cheap but reliable hosting, there are many hosting providing companies, you can make a search on google and find their rates easily. My advice is to buy a domain and hosting from the different service provider. Why did I advise this? Yes! I know this question arises in your mind. Well, if you buy a domain and hosting from the same service provider and its gone down then your website will be down and difficult to retrieve. And chances of such situation are very less in the case of different service provider, and easy to retrieve, because if your hosting goes down then you can move to another hosting because your domain is provided by some other company.

In your initial ‘how to blog’ stage, I would recommend you to use a blogger platform to host your domain for free, but if you have money and you can spend easily on hosting then go for paid hosting. Please understand the difference and don’t confuse between hosting a blog on free hosting with a custom domain and free hosting with the free domain.


There are lots of platforms available where you can build up your blog both self-hosted (pay the hosting price) and hosted (free for hosting). The most popular platform is, of course, WordPress and bloggers.

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Put some quality time on customize the blog with necessary widgets and plugins. Use a professional theme, make your site easy to navigate. Provide about, contact disclaimer and privacy policy pages. Please read the section of pages in my previous post ‘Make Money with AdSense‘. It will give you some details on these pages.

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After finalizing your interested topic, choosing a domain name, paying the hosting and selecting the platform to blog, now it’s time to launch your blog officially. I recommend you to read my previous posts, ‘Start publishing on your blog Easy Tutorial’ and ‘Add Pages in your Blog’ as well. You must provide a unique and useful content to your readers. Update your blog regularly.

Okay, these are the 6 steps which I talked at the start to be discussed in this post, but guess what here are few links for you as a bonus, that how you can earn easily with blogging, that is you can now earn while doing your favorite work.

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