How to Make Money Online without Investment Work from Home Jobs

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. Every individual has multiple choices to start earning. But not every job is for everyone. People especially newbies frequently don’t know how to make money online without investment. This post is for everyone interested in making money online.Before starting your online journey do a small SWOT test, it will help you out in finding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. First of all understand what you can do, do you have any skill, do you have extra time to work online and then sort out four to five best-suited jobs to you. Start working on them consistently, sometimes you may not get desired results in the first attempt, so retry until you get succeed.

How to Make Money Online without Investment



In this post, we collect all possible work from home online jobs through which one can earn handsome money. It is a complete model of make money online business.

Please note that this post is going to be regularly updated until all ways of making money online written down. Keep reading and visiting back for latest updates.


Do you want to know how to earn money on the internet, continue reading this post. Pay to click is the easiest way to work from home and generally every online worker starts earning from this platform. So, it is the best place for you to start your online earning journey. And best part with pay to click sites is that it is the best way to make money online without investment, not even a single penny. A PTC site worker can earn from$5 – $1000 easily by viewing ads, completing offers and by referring others. No initial investment for free members and a little investment is required for paid members. But you need to be very careful about make money online scams.

To view the complete details of making money through PTC site, avoid scams and best PTC sites, how to make referrals and how to earn up to $1000 per month; please read my post on Top 10 Best PTC Sites.


Data entry work may vary from simplest captcha entry to transcribing jobs. These are good options for how to make money online without investment easy way for unemployed persons. Even workers can do some of the data entry work which pays high like reviews, surveys or transcribing jobs.  Doing multiple data entry online jobs, one can easily bear his living expensive. Data entry work may include but not limited to transcribing, captcha entry, form filling, online surveys, use and review product for pre-tests like apps, websites, music, videos and online games. Complete details of data entry jobs with all best and trusted sites offering such work, please read more about it at Data Entry Jobs Online.


Do you have any web developing skills, do you know any web language, do you have expertise in developing websites, themes. Did you work offline as a designer? If you answer is yes in any of these questions, then you can make money online without investment by working online on different websites, also provide your services as a freelancer and earn extra money. Why you only work for someone’s software house, why not you make themes and sell online. If you don’t have these skills then you don’t need to worry, you can easily learn them online or offline and make you living 100 times better.

If you have writing capabilities, then you can work as a content writer for different big blogs or editor for prominent journals online. You can also write paid guest post on popular blogs. You can also make your profile on freelancing websites and get well paid for writing content for your clients’ sites.

If you know photoshop (or you can learn it), then you can earn money by designing web images for blogs and also work as a freelancer. Logo designers are in demand on freelancing site. Try your luck.


Blogging is the best way of online earning. It’s the best example of passive earning. Establishing a blog is though not difficult but one need to be consistent because it’s a time taking job. If you are new, you don’t need to worry but start learning how to create a blog to make money. You must understand How To Blog and what are the necessary steps of the successful blog. You need to do SEO to bring organic traffic to your blog which then convert to your profit. I have posted a lot on how one can make the free blog and customized it, read here for details. And I have also discussed the ways of making money through blogging, read here for more information. Let me tell some main ways of monetization of the blog. One can monetize his blog by putting direct ads from sponsors and earn fixed amount monthly. You can also make money online with google adsense (and when you get the authority on your blog you can also get google adsense premium account) or infolinks (or any other costs per click programs) and earn whenever someone click on ads display by these CPC programs. Another great way of monetizing is affiliate market in which you will get a commission if someone did purchasing on your referral. Some big affiliate names are Amazon, Clickbank, Every online service provider normally provides its affiliate program. So you can join their affiliate program and start earning. You can also make money online free by writing sponsored posts or reviews on your blog. Read my previous post on blogging topic to get the idea of earn money online without investment with blogging. You will get the complete guidance of making a professional blog without spending money.


Since we are discussing how to make money from blogging and website in last two points, so I think we should not miss this opportunity of making money. You can also create a website to market your products online. If you have any skills (as discussed before in pervious section: website), you can make a website and market your skills so someone can hire you directly from your site. For example, if you have an offline supply business like homemade items or anything, why don’t you market your product online and take orders from customer and supply physically. Show your presence online to compete with your opponents and increase your income.

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You might have heard about Structured Settlements, and you might have basic knowledge about it. Yeah, you get monthly payments instead of a lump sum. But do you know the benefits of settlements for your future, read “structured settlements and Financial Security.” It’s a low-risk investment with high returns. Structured Settlement Investments will be a great addition to your money portfolio. It will become a great extra source of income and will help you in a long run. It is better to invest for long term benefits instead of wasting your hard earn money on unnecessary things. You can earn decent amount by working from home with all methods explained in this post and then do savings and invest in structured settlements to make your future life secure. Please read “Structured Settlements and Financial Security” to understand structured settlements, how one can purchase them, what are its benefits and what are profit that one can receive. Everything is explained in a very simple way with examples for make money from home.


You are wondering how to make money with call center from home. A virtual call center is a service that allows for all the communications and calling system to be software based which is operated and organized from central office and call attendants can work from home by having the required equipment to do it. Since it beneficial and cost effective for employers to make the call center virtual, so a handsome amount is normally paid to employees working from home. A very basic computer skills and great communication skills are required for these jobs. Virtual call center jobs may include but not limited to Call-Center Representative, Telemarketer, Tech Support Representative,  Virtual Assistant, Answering-Service Employee. Please read make money online from virtual call center jobs for complete details and a very comprehensive list of companies providing such work from home jobs.


A search engine evaluator is a person who is responsible for entering different phrases or words in a search engine and analyzing to what extent the desired outcome will match with the expected result. There are many companies that offer remote search engine jobs. You need to pass the qualification exam consists of one theoretical and two practical parts. Normally companies pay between $13-$17 per hour. Read my post and get the complete idea about how to make money online without investment with search engine evaluator jobs, companies offering these jobs, benefits, requirements, pros and cons.

Make Money with Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency started in 2009. On October 2009 you could buy 1300 bitcoins against 1 US Dollar. Now price of 1 bitcoin is $2500 approximately. Bitcoin experts are predicting that bitcoin price may cross $10000 in year or 2. However no one knows what will happen but viewing the previous track record of bitcoin price, I am expecting some great increase in near future. Investment in bitcoins have great opportunities but one need to be very careful while investing in bitcoin because it’s price fluctuate very frequently. Before doing investment I advise you to do proper research and if possible do proper training. Second option is to do investment in bitcoin mining, which is quite safe but ROI is not high as compared to bitcoin trading. These two methods require investment to earn money with bitcoins. Now I tell you how you can make money online without investment with bitcoins. There are many online faucets which offer free satoshi for very simple task like captcha filling. To understand complete procedure of bitcoin faucets, bitcoin wallets and best paying faucet list, read my post: Make Money with Bitcoins Faucets and Mining Secrets. Bitcoins have great future and 2017 still is the right time to start working on it. Start working on bitcoins before it’s too late.


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