Issue with “Don’t track your own pageviews” on Custom Domain

Using a custom domain on bloggers platform is a cool choice by any webmaster. Since it save the monthly hosting expenses. In my previous post, I explained you a step by step procedure to add a custom domain on BlogSpot.  Today I am going to discuss about the issue of bloggers stat widget with custom domain that is, with custom domain you can’t be able to stop the bloggers stat to track your own pageviews, and provide you its solution as well.don't track your own pageviews

Bloggers provide its own embed stats system, which includes page views, traffic source, audience and post views. By default this stat system is tracking your page views as well, which is not good for our tracking records because it don’t show the clear picture of audiences and popularity of the blog.

While using a free sub-domain of BlogSpot, you can easily change the default setting  by clicking on don’t  track your page views. This is as simple as 1 2 3.

click on don't track

But with custom domain this stat system automatically track your record and not easily change its setting. By clicking on “don’t track your page views”, it will show a popup window indicating a loading icon in busy mode and after some time another popup window telling an error in fetching the records were shown and that’s it. This is the whole story, noting happen more than showing an error and a free advice of reloading a page.

 Issue with Dont track your own pageviews on Custom Domain


There is no solid solution of it but a simple technique to overcome the issue manually.

  • Login into your blogger account
  • Copy the following code, replace the with your domain address like in my case,, paste it in the new tab of the browser while logging in to the bloggers account.

  • You will the following response


Now your blogger stat widget don’t track your page views, to confirm it, visit your blog, and refresh it two or three times and the see your stat counter on blogger dashboard, it will not increase the number, if no one else is visiting your blog at that time.

This is a trick to stop tracking own record, but it has limitations that it will only stop tracking the record on browser only where this trick is implemented.

If you use more than one browsers than you have to repeat the whole procedure on all browsers. Similarly, if your blog or site is controlled or managed by more than one person, then all of them have to implement the whole procedure in order to make your stats correct.

I hope you like the post and understand the whole procedure. If you have any problem or issue, please feel free to contact me via comments. If you like the post, then play your part by liking our fan pages and share the posts with your friends and family on social media. Keep sharing and caring.

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