Make loyal readers with FeedBurner

Subscribers are assets of the blog. It shows the popularity and authenticity of the blog on that particular niche. Because it shows that people want to read the post. Which also shows the trust of readers on the author or also on the blog, in a result the author is known as an authority in that particular topic. The subscription is an easy way for readers to get the latest post in their mailbox when it is published. Providing subscription to post will never be so easy before Feedburner. Feedburner is a free service provided by google to webmasters. It has a lot of features like feed subscription, email subscription, ping shot, publicize, socialize, feed count, buzz boost, headline animator and so on. Subscription options include my yahoo, Feedly, subtome, Bloglines, Netvibes, bitty browser, daily rotation and many more. I will explain you step by step procedure to establish the Feedburner to your blog but before going to this, first see some of its benefits.

Make loyal readers with FeedBurner

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  • It is easy to use with blogger, WordPress or any other web platform. You don’t require very technical skills to use the Feedburner. It has an automatic system that take care of your post.
  • FeedBurner provides a detailed insight of subscriber, which will help in understanding the behavior of the audience. Like how many subscriber view the feed, what they view and how many clicks on the feeds to visit the site back. 
  • Provide a professional look and commitment to your work. Obliviously, using feed shows that you are interested in people to read you posts. 
  • Feedburner not only provide feed subscription but also provide the email subscription also.
  • You can customize title, color, and font.
  • Feed redirection or edit feed details is another important feature of Feedburner.  If you move the blog to some other domain or subdomain, you just need to enter the address and all done in just one single step.
  • One cool feature is that it also publish the post on social media like facebook and twitter automatically.
  • Ping is one of the best features that Feedburner offer. Since it’s the product of google, selecting the ping option will automatically ping your post to online directories and search engines. 
  • Normally a feed causes a duplicate content but with feed burner you can use the option of no index. Isn’t it a great feature? Using ‘noindex’ tag will avoid the feed to be indexed by search engines. Which makes the Feedburner an SEO friendly feed providing service.
  • You can control to show the full content to display or to show summary only.  
There are lots of features and benefits that Feedburner offers. Some of them, that are more than enough to make your mind start using this awesome free service by google, are explained above.
Now this is the time to talk about the Feedburner step by step tutorial. Please read my next post on Feedburner step by step tutorial.
Do you have a blog or a website? Are you using Feedburner for your feed requirements? Or which plugin or feed service you are using. How is your experience with them? Tell us and others through comments. If you like this post then please share it with your friends on social media because sharing is caring.

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