Make Money through Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertising feature offered by Google through which publishers can earn a reasonable. It takes the ad from the advisers. Ads list includes simple text, image, flash, animated image, video or rich media ads.


Google AdSense has many edges over other advertising companies. Its CPC and CPM rates are high. I will explain these terms later in this post. One of the benefits of using google AdSense over its competitors is that it provide the ads specific to your targeted audience and content.


It is a CPC and CPM system. Let me explain what is CPC and CPM is. CPC means cost per click which allows the publisher to earn money on each click on the ads. CPM means cost per 1000 impression. To view a single page is one impression, so google will pay he publisher on every 1000 page views. Isn’t it amazing. So what are you waiting for start your blog now to earn money online.

make money adsense

Requirements of Google AdSense

The first and the foremost requirement is a blog or website where you cab pace the google ads. To do this please refer to my previous post on three simple steps to make a blog. As I had mentioned in the previous post that choose a niche for the blog of your interest so that you will not get bored on writing or quit writing. As it’s a long journey.

One thing about content is that google not accepts the sites with adult and nudity content and copyright content. Copy pasting the content is simply just the waste of time. Instead of copy pasting use your time in some creative, unique and quality content writing.

After setting up blog o website, next step is to add content on it.  Content should be unique and original. See publish your first post to see some insight about posting.

About content there is no hard and fast rule neither google has mentioned anything, but good practice is that before applying to AdSense there must be at least fifty unique and good written articles of minimum 500 words length.

Use graphics in the post. Avoid copying the images a well. Make your own images at paint and Photoshop or download the images which are available free. Use free stock images. You can also purchase the photos, pictures or images.

Luck is also a major contributor in approval. I have seen many bloggers having 20-25 post and blog having age less than six months got approval. Also seen bloggers having 100 even 200 posts published and with more than a year of blog age got disapproval. There are many factors involved, some of them are explained here. Luck is one of them. So try hard and Good LUCK.

According to google official website, for countries like China and India, a site need to be six months old. But you don’t need to worry because many bloggers got their approval within the first and second month of the site. Again some factors like content, authority, dedication, seriousness, professionalism and LUCK are included in this process.

Google allows the following combinations of ads on a single page: 3 content images, 3 links and 2 search box.

Pages to Add

There are certain pages which are required to be included in a blog to give a gesture of commitment and professionalism. Pages to include in your blog are about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer page and a sitemap page for visitors to get an easy navigation.

In about us page, you describe your blog, vision, mission of blog, the reason to start the specific blog, tell the audience about yourself. You can add as many information as you like.

Include a contact us page, in which you can add the contact form widget. Place all possible means through which your audience get to interact with you. It may include contact form as mentioned above, social media fan pages and your personal social media pages if you like.

Add a disclaimer page in which you can add any declamation which is necessary to be shown.

Add a privacy policy page in which you tell about the information like how you collect the user data and what will you with this, do you interfere in visitors’ privacy, do you have cookie enables, do you use any third party to collect data and similar questions. What important is to add that you enable the google AdSense services. There are many sites that provide the free services to generate the privacy policy according to your requirements. You can also add the terms and condition page if required.

Add a sitemap page for visitors to get the navigation of the blog.

Before apply to google AdSense, site or blog should be ready completely and no page under construction. Read AdSense TOS completely, understand it completely and never ever violate them in order to save your account from being banned.

These are the some insights and tips about google AdSense account and its approval. I will update this post timely to provide you more and more details as I get them. You all are also welcome to add the information about AdSense and its approval and your experience through comments.

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