How to make money with blogging and adwords

Up till now we talk about blogging and other ways of making money online. Today we will share with you the new way of make money online with blogging and Google AdWords. Yes it’s adwords not adsense. As we have already discussed in detail how you can start blogging. I refer you to my previous articles to get the idea of blogging and its requirements.

Google Adword is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement program which is basically the other side of coin of Google Adsense. Google Adsense pays the publisher for every click on ads shown on publisher websites, whereas Google Adwords allows the advertiser to advertise their products on google search and on publisher’s website.

Please note that you cannot user adwords and adsense on same site together. It is against the terms and conditions of adsense and may result in adsense ban.

how to make money with blogging and adwords

You can use google adwords for your affiliate sites, services site and product sites. Use adwords to get the laser targeted audience for your site and product and earn a lot. It is very important way to reach to your targeted audience. Mostly used by service providers and product owner/ product manufactures.

Using adword is an art and you need to learn a lot before implementing it. Otherwise there is a great chance of getting loss. It is advised to learn it well before implementing it by yourself or you can get the expertise of PPC PRO adwords management companies, which handle all the burden professionally, which is also cost efficient and hassle free.

How to make money with adwords

As I already told that adsense and adword can’t be used together. So how one can make money with adwords? Yes that’s the right question. I bet you know about affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you get commission on selling someone else’s products or services. The best option for affiliate marketing is Amazon and click bank affiliate program. As a beginner it is better to stick with amazon affiliate.

So, let’s start with this affiliate marketing. First thing you need an affiliate program account. First, you need to choose the product. The ideal product would be something that is in demand and of high price. Try to select the products from Amazon Best Sellers product list because there are most selling products so chances of getting high revenue. One important thing is to see the searches of exact name of product in google keyword planner. It will help in estimating the number of possible sales.

Now after selecting product buy the domain containing the main keyword in it and buy the hosting as well. Now you need a well written high quality review of the product. The article length must be greater than 2500 words. It should be complete in details and unbiased review. Placed you affiliate link within the article at appropriate place. Use buy now buttons to make it easy for your customer to buy.

It is also advised to write articles on related products and on related keywords to make you website active.

Once your site is ready from all aspects, it’s time to bring the laser targeted traffic to your site. For this its best option to use PPC advertisement. PPC is an easy but expensive option. Expensive in a sense that you need to invest first then you received profit on your investment. It is risky and need lots of expertise that’s why we advise you to use the services of PPC advertising agency to handle your campaign.

Hopefully this article will help you in thinking out of the box and open new ways for you to make money online fast. Share your thoughts with us through comment sections.

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