Some Best Ways to Make Money on the Move

If you are one of my regular readers then I’m sure you get the same thrill as I do at watching money come at you through the internet. Watching your bank balance go up and those numbers get a little bit bigger is great.

Sometimes however you have to do those tedious things like going to work or out to see friends and you have to stop your online entrepreneurship. Or do you….

Now with the advent of smart mobile technology and the internet on mobile phones getting faster in more areas you can now take your earning potential out the door with you. There are so many ways you can earn money from your mobile and here are just a few of them.

Make Money Online

Online Surveys

A fast and simple way to earn a bit of extra money during that time on the train where you would have been staring at the person opposite is filling out online surveys. They are simple, anyone can do them and most importantly you can do them on the move.

Simply do a Google search for online surveys and you will find as many survey sites as you can poke a stick at but you have to be sure that you pick one that is actually going to give you something.

Do a little research and check they they have paid people before. Also check that the payment method is one that you want. Some online survey sites only offer store vouchers as payment and if that isn’t what you’re after then don’t sign up. Another simple way is refer MoneyConnexion list because they do a lot of research before they recommend to the people.

A word of warning though, you will not get rich doing this but it is one way that you can watch your bank balance go up when you’re out and about.

Mobile Casinos

Now as always on this site I am not advertising casinos as a business idea but they are definitely a way that you can make money. With the evolution of smart phone technology it was only a matter of time before we started to see mobile casinos start to enter the marketplace. Most mobile casinos have an assortment of games like roulette, blackjack, slots and poker so what ever your game you can now play it on the move.

Again this is simple, anyone can do it and you can get a lot of money from doing it. So long as you keep thinking of it as a fun activity and only spending what you can afford then you might get lucky and get to watch those bank balance numbers go up a few more notches.

Forex Trading

Just to give you bit of knowledge about forex trading it is very fast paced market when you can make massive gains (and losses) by predicting whether the value of one currency will go up in value against another currency.

It has been around in an easy format for many years on the internet now and you have been able to trade for a long time without having to ring someone in London or New York and asking them to do it for you.

What you might not know however is that you can now trade from your mobile. There are several apps that you can download which allow you to log on to your trading account, view the markets and make trades while you are waiting for the next bus.

The bonus to this form of trading is that you can monitor the markets all the time and not just when you are at home in front of your computer. This means you can take advantage of favourable market conditions whenever they occur.

Trading Stocks and Shares

Just like forex trading with the advancement of the internet and mobile phones you can trade stocks online using a stocks app. There are several on the market and you have to be sure you know what you are getting from each broker.

They will offer different commission rates and some of them will offer more shares that you can trade than others. Some will charge a monthly charge for using the app so just make sure that if that is the case you are trading enough to make that worth while.

Also you could go old school and ring up a broker to place a trade for you. Again they will charge you commission but you might get to have a chat with them and get a second opinion on whether its a good trade or not.

Just be aware that as with forex trading, stocks and shares are very high risk investments. You can gain money fast but you can lose it just as quickly so be careful with your money management and don’t lose more than you can afford.

Sharing and Liking

Everyone knows one of those people who have their phone glued to their palm checking for that new notification on Facebook. If you are one of those people and you find your self bored in between friend requests then why not earn a bit of money by liking and sharing content.

Sites like offer you money for sharing and liking their products and services so if you don’t mind plugging the odd product on your Facebook account then there is some money to be made here.

What ways do you earn money from your mobile? please share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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