Make Money Online Without Investment for Students by Blogging

If you are interesting in make money online without investment, then this post is especially for you. In this post, I will discuss different methods of earning without investment, but my primary focus will be on blogging. Blogging is a medium that connects the blogger to the online audience. It is a way to present your ideas, thoughts, information of your interest to the people around the globe. Now hundreds of thousands of individuals are doing blogging. Blogging is not only to write something of your interest, but it’s the best way of online earning.

make money online without investment for students



One can make his living comfortably on online business. Online earning is of two types: with or without the initial investment. The best example of no investment earning method includes pay to clickdata entry jobs, freelancing and so on. With initial investment earning method may include buy and sell of domains, app, blogging. I will make a complete post on all online methods of earning, But for now, my focus is making money through blogging without investment. Yes! Without investment.


Pay to click sites are the first choice of free earners. No investment and no experience are required. But there is a lot of scams online on these PTC sites. But if you want to earn through PTC sites, a then here good news for you. I have made a post how one can earn money online without investment with PTC sites, which sites are legitimate and paying its users, last but not the least the golden method of earning triple figure with PTC site, click here to read the post.
You may also find it interesting and helpful in earning with Data Entry Jobs Online. If you have any skills or expertise in any online work then freelancing is best for you and the best place to start is Fiverr. Online working does not make you a millionaire or billionaire overnight but indeed it’s the stairs of wealth, take steps one after the other to reach your destination. You have to work hard and consistently like you work for any other offline business or job. I ensure you that if your work devotedly, you will definitely get 100 % more results and earning than that of your offline business. Boosted your moral, keep it up.


Ok Now come to the topic which is “Make Money Online Without Investment for Students by Blogging“. Blogging needs an initial investment but in this post, I told you a completely free way of making a blog since after all it’s all about earning without investment. For an online business what you need is a website or a blog of niche (a subcategory of many of topics on which one can discuss, write or blog) in which you have interest and command so that you can write quality content on that specific niche which attracts readers, engage them and solve their problems. After selecting your niche start writing some post on it. Make quality content, advertise well and generate traffic and create loyal readers which will in future convert to your revenue. Here is the complete guide for “How To Blog“.


First step as discussed previously is to sort out the niche. It is very important to choose the field in which you have expertise since you have to write the content which finds your audience interesting and you have the capabilities to answer your audience’s queries. So be very careful and select the area in which you have knowledge and interest.
After finalizing your area, niche, next step is to create a blog and I highly recommend you to buy domain and hosting. But since this post is about to make money online without investment. So you can start your first blog freely on blogger or on WordPress. Read how to make your blog in 3 very simple steps.
Next step is to start writing your content, but before doing so make yourself familiar with blogger platform. Read the basic and simple tutorial to prepare yourself to use the post editor area. You need to provide the relevant content to your readers. Make social media presence, share your post on all major social media channels. Provide the content that makes your readers come back to your blog. Convert your one time readers to subscribers with Feedburner.

You also need to do search engine optimization of your blog. You need to do on page and off page SEO. Start with creating a free Google Webmaster Account to monitor your site and submit your Sitemap to Google. You can also increase alexa ranking with three simple steps. Backlinks are the major block of off page SEO. You can also read how to create quality backlinks to improve blog search engine presence. Comments on dofollow blogs is a good way of creating backlinks. Here is the list of dofollow blogs. You can list down blogs related to your niche and write the relevant comments on these blogs with a backlink to your site. Here are the top 7 online tools to check backlinks free online.
First goal is to able to manage the minimum of 200 visitors per day from different sources like organic traffic from search engine, from social media and from referrals. When you achieve this goal, next step is to monetize your blog. The monetization option may include but not limited to different cost per click programs like AdSense and infolinks, affiliate marketing, direct ads.
Earn money with AdSense is the first choice of every blogger. You must know How to Apply for Google AdSense Account and Necessary Google AdSense Approval Tips. But you need to be very careful to save adsense account from ban. The ultimate goal of this kind of account is Google Adsense Premium Account. Adsense approval may become a lengthy process for some bloggers, because of the requirements of the adsense terms and conditions, and also for websites from Pakistan and India must be six months old before applying for adsense. Until the approval, you may use other monetizing option, and the best alternative of adsense is infolinks an easy earning platform.
Apply these methods and read all the related stuff provided in this post will help you to make money online without investment in a long run. How do you like the post?  Are you interesting to build your career in blogging. What are your thought and plans, do give us your response and comments. Share this piece of information with your friends on social media.

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