Make Money with Bitcoins Faucets and Mining Secrets

Bitcoin is very emerging and trusted form of currency which makes its values in a very short period of six years. In 2017 make money with Bitcoins is a very hot topic. So, in this post, we will discuss this topic deeply. You can benefit with this even if you don’t know anything about it.


The very basic question which is asked is, “What is Bitcoin?” The basic answer is Bitcoin is an electronic currency as opposed to paper currency, proposed by a software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or agency. An electronic payment system based on mathematical proof.

The basic concept behind the Bitcoins is the production of an independent currency (not control by any central authority), instantly and electronically transferable with very low transaction fees.

Bitcoin currency is gaining more and more value. In 2009 one bitcoin was equal to cents, but in 2017 1BTC is equal to $2500.

Make money with bitcoins faucets and mining



Before starting let us see some basic details of Bitcoins. As we all know that

1 $ = 100 cents


1 BTC = 100000000 Satoshi

Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoins named after “Satoshi Nakamoto” who proposed this concept. And

1 BTC= 2500 $

So making a single Bitcoin in a month is enough for a mediocre person. You can earn more to fulfill your desires. So let’s get started how to earn it.


Bitcoin wallets are basically those sites which store your hard earn bitcoins and Satoshis, which can further use to purchase things or withdrawal into dollars. The most common wallet sites are

  1. Coinbase
  2. Xapo

Both these sites allow free accounts and take no fees for withdrawals and deposits of Bitcoins. You get a Bitcoin Wallet address from these sites which are used as your account number J


Bitcoin Faucets are those sites which give you free Satoshis for visiting their sites, play games, solve the captcha, watch ads or videos. Also, some sites offer contest which is a great way of making the good amount of Satoshis.


freebicoin faucet



Get Your

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Moon Bit

Moon Bit Faucet

Bitcoin Aliens


Since Bitcoin is not controlled by any authority, So all the processing, transaction verifications and records are maintained by highly sophisticated computers which require engineers to maintain, high cooling and high electricity consumptions. Some companies installs such computer systems for mining which is not afforded by everyone. So the general public can invest their dollars or Satoshis in these systems and receive their daily profit.


You need to take the security measures and precautions to avoid any scam on investing in mining. Do research on the internet before investing in any company, read the reviews, search forums to be on safe side.

So! what are you waiting for go start making money with bitcoins. Please share this post with your friends on social media.

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