Necessary AdSense Account Approval Tips

Earning through blogging is a dream for all bloggers. Many bloggers are earning a decent amount of dollars through their blogs.  One of the major contributors in their earning is google AdSense. In my previous post, I talk about in detail about google AdSense and its premium account.

Today I think to post an entire post based on tips for approval of AdSense. I have already talked about some point but today I will discuss the points in detail.

Necessary AdSense Account Approval Tips

Tips to get the AdSense account approved

Before applying for AdSense account, there are certain points which must be kept in mind. I will try my level best to provide you as much authentic and accurate information as good.


Content is the major factor which is required. A website must be content rich. Be very careful about the content. A site with low or no content will not be going to be approved by google. A site with images or flash videos only also doesn’t comply with the google AdSense content policy. Before applying for the account, there must be 40-50 post with minimum 500 words of good content to make the blog content rich. Also avoid the spelling and grammar mistakes.

Blog Age

For countries like China and India, sites age must be six months before applying for AdSense to maintain the good publishing standard. But as I mentioned in my previous post that it is not a hard and fast rule. A site with good content, good visitors and with good repo could be approved in first two months only.

Custom Domain

Apply for AdSense with a top level domain name like or for easy and fast approval. They can approve the hosted site as well, but chances goes down.  Using a custom domain gives an impression that you are serious in working with google and not going to quit blogging in near future. You can buy the domain name from any registrar as low as 10 $. Or you can use the discounted coupons to get the domain in just 1 $. Even its 1 or 10 $, it is nothing in front of the advantages of the top level domain. I always advise you to buy your domain name in the start because it has many benefits. In near future, I will hopefully post about the benefits of custom domain. For now just trust me and purchase the custom domain. You will be thankful to me in future. I bet.


Visitors is again an important factor. If your blog doesn’t have page-views then you simply got a rejection. One important thing is that a blog or a site must have an organic visitors, means that visitors come to blog from search engines. Use social media as it’s a good way to get the targeted visitors.

Simple rule: if a blog has only social media visitors and no or low organic visitors then it will get a direct rejection. If you have an AdSense account or you somehow manage to get the account and your blog got the traffic from one source only like facebook only then in near future you are going to be banned sadly. So try to get the mixture of visitors like facebook, twitter, stumble upon, there are a lot of social media site available try to get the traffic from there. Again very important to get the organic traffic. This is simply very important.

Your site must have at least 250 to 300 unique visitors each day before you apply for AdSense account.

Professional Look

Theme of the blog should look professional. There are free themes available on blogger, use them intelligently. You can also buy the professional themes from internet. Blog should not be congested with content, pictures and widgets. Use things in a limit to look good.

Important Pages to Add

like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer should be add in a blog. For more details of pages please refer to my post on make money with AdSense.

Easy Navigation

The site should be user-friendly and easy to navigate for visitors. Don’t redirect the users to unwanted sites. Place a search box in your site to make it easy to navigate. This is one step you can also use other steps to ease the navigation.

Make site for visitors not for google AdSense

This is mainly for following reasons:

  • To make the visitor involve in your site.
  • Increase their trust on you.
  • Revisit and recommend you. Decrease the bounce rate as well.
  • If your visitor fed up from you then even with AdSense ads, you won’t be able to make money.
  • Making a site for users has more chances to be fit on google AdSense policies. So more chances for approval.

What else you apply for getting the approval. Tell us through comments to help others

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