Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

In Today’s world, everyone wants to earn some extra bucks. With just simple online work in spare time gives extra income is not bad, isn’t it? Everyone tries to find out new ways of earning. In this article, we tell you the ways you can earn the decent amount. So today we will reveal you one of the best method, that is, Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment.


Data entry job is a good option for students, housewives, retired persons or anyone having some extra time to support himself or his family. No age limit, no education degrees, no experience, no technical skills are required to qualify this job. It is the simplest method to earn online and easiest form of online part time job. You just need a computer and an internet connection for online data entry jobs.

There is no fixed salary or no one specify how much amount you can earn. Naturally, the more you work, the more you earn. Or allow me to say that Sky is the limit

Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment



The most common simple typing job is captioning of audios or videos clips. Many transcription companies that take orders from big business, and especially from television centers which require documenting the audios and videos outsource these tasks to freelancers. Let me give you the most common examples of transcribing:

  • Proceedings of board meetings
  • Caption of films, dramas, talk shows
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Interview Transcriber

Here is the list of top 10 sites which offer captioning jobs, the simplest data entry jobs online, to freelancers. Generally, no prior experience is required, but some companies may ask you to pass the simple test by captioning one audio or video clip. Freelancers must have a computer, internet connection, headphone set, and good listening skills. Let me tell you an excellent point that you don’t need to have good English grammar skills because you just need to listen and write it down you don’t need to add any extra thing in it. Isn’t it good?
Typically these companies pay weekly or monthly basis. Most of them pay you via PayPal, so, you must have a verified PayPal account to avoid any trouble. These are the most common points which I think you people must know before entering in this field.

I list down the top ten best transcribing sites. You can visit them, read their requirements first, then create account, clear test (if any), and enjoy earning.


Captcha entry is another best way to earn online. Captcha is a human verification process to avoid the auto-signups by bots. Thousand of the website uses captcha to save from them from spam. So, it’s a never ending business. Many sites are offering captcha solving jobs. There is no experience required to get these jobs. Captcha entry is one of the easiest category of data entry jobs online.

Here the list of good paying captcha site. Most of them prefer PayPal as the payment option. Other payment options include western union, perfect money, payza, webmoney, bitcoin. Earning rates vary from site to site, but on an average the earning rates are from $0.5- $1.5 per 1000 correct captcha solved. The minimum payout ranges from $1-$5. But you can visit each site to read the terms and conditions and earning rates and payout rates.

With a single account, one can earn up to $100-$200 from one site. So, if someone work delicately, one can easily earn in between $1500- $2000 per month.
Captcha solving and audio captioning are the best examples of online data entry jobs. But there are some other data entry jobs online, which are easier, and one can enjoy doing them. So stay motivated and continue reading.


Forms and data will be given to you, and you are required to extract the data and fill the forms. It’s a little bit tricky and hectic task as compared to others. It’s not simple typing or data entry job. It may require a little bit of skills.



Big or even small companies want feedback from their customers to improve their services and products. So there are lots of online websites available which outsource survey forms to freelancing general public for some dollars and sold these results to significant market share holding companies because the opinion of the public at large will help them to improve their existing products and also provide ideas for new products according to consumer demand. I show this little bit background to enlighten the importance of all available data entry jobs online.



Reviewing the products is the important and critical stage in every industry. Companies hire people to review their products like buyers. But some products can also be reviewed online, and it’s best to review them online. So you can also become a reviewer of anything which you know better and get paid for your opinion. It is amazing to use your favorite product free but also get paid to use it, isn’t it amazing?

How is it possible to use the product free and even get money for this? Here is your answer! Giant companies spend almost forty-one billion dollars every year to know the public opinion about their product which helps them to decide whether to invest in this product or not. So these companies hire market research firms which outsource this to freelancers like you.

If you’re a person who has the know-how of product like websites, music, videos, apps, games and so on, then this is one of the best data entry jobs online for you.


Are you Fond of Music! It’s the right job for you. The song reviews will help both singers and producers, to know about the good or bad quality, shortcomings and plus point of the singer, ranking of songs in the list, and to take the decision about the song and artist.

Here are the top sites for music reviews, make your free account, listen to your favorite music, write the review and make money. Depending upon your rank, with more detailed and in depth review you may get more money.


Like you earn money for surfing the website, you can also make money by watching videos online. Visit the sites listed below for watching videos to make money.


Review the website, and give the feedback about user experience on the site. It will help the coders and designers obstacles that real people run into on their sites and apps


Yes, you read right. Now you can earn money while playing your favorite games, isn’t it amazing? Many game developer companies paid online users to play their game and give feedback about game and highlight any flaw in the game before the launch of the game. Another way of earning from games is to win the prizes, win the tournaments, competitions.


Similarly like other reviewing data entry jobs online, many apps developing companies offer money to use their apps and give feedback. This is also for same reason i.e. to highlight any flaw in the app.

Important Note:

It is crucial for you people to save yourself from being scammed. As these are data entry jobs online without investments, so there are more chances of scams online. So before joining any site, read their term & conditions, FAQs, Forum. On search engine write specific site name + Scam and you get the most popular results shows whether that data enter jobs providing website is the scam or not. Is it in good standings and paying or not. Here is the good guide on legitimate work from home jobs.

Free Tip:

Visit freelancing sites to get your desired data entry jobs online. Create an account on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more sites. Individuals and companies may offer data entry jobs on these freelancing sites. So it’s a great way of getting the desired job online.

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