General Online Transcription Jobs from Home for Beginners


Online transcription jobs are simple typing jobs. These jobs can be done from your home and make good income in extra time. General transcription jobs from home are ideal and perfect work for college students, unemployed, house wives and anyone who needs additional income. Data entry jobs offer $7 to $25 per hour depends on the company and the assignment.

Big companies, hospitals and legal firms have tons and tons of data to enter online. They get this work done by data management service providers. There are three kinds of freelance online transcription jobs available for work from home workers, namely general transcription, legal transcription and medical transcription.

When you join any data entry company, you will be given a password to access their website. You can choose your own hours to work for them from your home. Enter their websites using the password given to you and type data online. You should have minimum typing speed, proficient and conversant in any language in order to perform this data entry work.


This type of transcription job does not need much skill. You can simply type online documents into forms and submit them to data management/information service companies. All you need is a computer and internet. You may work as many hours as you like and make money at the comfort of your home.


Little experience of working in any legal firm may help you do this work. If you understand the legal terms and words you can do this work without any mistake. Most of these kinds of jobs need accuracy in spelling and grammar.


Medical transcription job is another good data entry job. Little experience in working with a hospital or chemist would help you much in this job. Medical terminologies are little difficult to understand for new people and they may make mistakes. If you are familiar with these terminologies you can make your career in medical transcription and make good money from home.

Authentic online general transcription jobs from home list



  • A typing speed of 45 words per minute to 75 words per minute is needed to perform these transcription jobs.
  • Good language skills and accuracy are also required.
  • A desktop or laptop computer with internet connection.
  • No prior experience is required for general transcription job, but you may need little experience for medical and legal transcription.


  • You can work in your own hours. You do not need to work 9 to 5 or under a boss. You can be your own boss.
  • You can make as much money as you want.
  • You may spend more time with your family.


  • Unemployed or anyone with need of extra income can do these works.
  • College students who want extra money to buy books and pay off fees.
  • Mothers who want to make money in their spare time from home.
  • People who like spending more time with their family can also do this.
  • People who find it difficult to manage their expenses and pay off bills can perform these data entry jobs from home.


Many companies have the need to hire a transcription service at one time or another. Many legal secretaries are overworked and many times attorneys will look to an independent transcription service to help with overflow. There are times when a company may want a meeting, presentation or conference call transcribed. And, of course, many businesses such as insurance and claims adjusters conduct regular interviews that need to be transcribed. There are may online transcription service provider, which offer their services to clients and at the same time looking for the freelancers to do transcription jobs from home.

So how do you find a reliable service to transcribe your audio and what types of things should you be looking for in these services?

Ask business associates for recommendations. This is really the best way to find a service as you have a recommendation from somebody you know and trust.

Google. The Internet is a wonderful invention. The beauty of using an online transcription service is they don’t have to be in your neighborhood. You could be in one city or state and your service could be in another. Google is a good way to find a professional service. The results on the first page or so are going to be the busiest services, so it might pay off to dig down a few pages.

Yellow Pages. Tried and true, the Yellow Pages are always a good place to find a transcription service.


What are some things to consider when applying for a job? There is no specific answer but looking in following things will give you an idea of legitimity of company from the client’s point of view.

Are they U.S.-based? Sure, you can get your transcription done offshore and save some money, but if you want an absolutely accurate transcript it is probably best to stay with a native English speaking service who does not outsource offshore.

Do they offer a secure and encrypted file transfer option? This may not be important to you, but if confidentiality and privacy are important to you then your service should offer this.

What is their turnaround time and pricing? Some services charge more for rush service. Others may offer rush service to their regular clients at no extra fee. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always the best deal if you don’t get a quality transcript. At the same time, the most expensive service may not be the best. If a service offers a free trial this is a great way to try out their services risk-free.


For transcription job seekers here is the list of companies offer such jobs to experienced as well as non experience candidates:-

  • AccuTran Global– hire newbies after passing skill test but prefer experienced one.
  • Appenscribe– hire newbies worldwide.
  • BAM! Transcription– beginners get the transcription job subject to pass the test. Contact them via contact form.
  • Birch Creek Communications– fresh transcriber get job here but prefers experience, experience is not their requirement.
  • Casting Words– beginners can apply. You can work through Amazon Mturk.
  • Crowdsurf– you can work through Amazon MTruk only, so MTruk account is must to apply.
  • Daily Transcription – offer transcribing jobs from home in entertainment, corporate, and legal transcription.
  • Get Transcribed– paying 24 cents for audio minute.
  • GMR Transcription– hiring entry-level transcribers from US and Canada only.
  • Neal R. Gross & Co.– Candidates with or without experience can apply. They hire transcribers on 1099 basis. Type at least 60 words per minute, can work at night and can commit to work 30 hours every week.
  • Quicktate– hire fresh candidates but need to pass a test before get the job.
  • – not experienced but skill individual around the globe required. Show them some samples to prove your skills.
  • RNK Transcription–offer entertainment and legal transcription jobs from home.
  • Scribie– hire transcriber worldwide, no experienced required but need to pass a test.
  • SpeechInk– hire beginners also but work is done through Amazon MTurk.
  • Speech to Text Service – seems to be open to newbies. They pay $0.21 to $0.42 per audio minute, payout weekly with Paypal.
  • Tigerfish– offer online transcription jobs for US based  entry level transcriber after passing test.
  • T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations– entry level people can apply and get work after test.
  • TranscribeMe– open for beginners and pay via Paypal.
  • Transcribe Team– is paying .45 up to .65 per minute of audio transcription. Newbies can apply.
  • Ubiqus– accept beginners with typing speed at least 70 words per minute.
  • Typing Service– open not only for audio tasks but also for data entry specialists and typists as well.
  • Verbal Fusion– require entry level US based transcribers to pass the test before getting transcribing work.
  • Verbal Ink– offer general transcription jobs for US based only. They prefer experience but beginners can still apply as long as they pass the test.
  • Verbatim Transcription Services– offer editing transcription jobs and are open for work from home editor.
  • 3 Play Media – offer occasionally work from home transcript editor jobs.


  • A & P Transcription – they accept qualified and experienced transcriptionists in their team.
  • AccuScribe Transcription – send your resume and cover letter to apply for transcription jobs from home.
  • Alice Darling Secretarial Services – hires experienced transcribers with at least 75 wpm typing speed occasionally.
  • AlphaDog Transcription – hires Los Angeles based experienced transcribers, preferably having experience in entertainment transcription.
  • Allegis Communications – hires experienced professional occasionally to transcribe 20 hours per week.
  • At Home Typing Service – you must have 05 years’ experience to apply here,
  • AVTranz– submit your resume through email, if you are experienced  transcriber.
  • Babbletype – offers QA editors and transcription jobs from home.
  • Cambridge Transcription – hires experienced transcribers for legal and corporate transcribing jobs.
  • Caset Associates – typing speed must be 90 words per minute. They hire worldwide.
  • Chromolume Transcription– send them email to know about any opening they have. Must have experience.
  • Cyber Dictate – hires US nationals having experience in legal transcription.
  • Deposition Services – requires experienced legal transcribers. you may also required to get the training in their office in Germantown, MD prior to starting work from home.
  • Dictate Express – requires minimum 02 years experienced persons for legal transcription jobs.
  • eTranscription Solutions – hire experienced with 80 wpm typing speed.
  • eWord Solutions –only for US residents with 60 wpm typing speed. You must clear federal and legal background check.
  • Expedict – only experienced audio transcriptionists can apply.
  • Focus Forward – hire experienced English and Spanish language transcriptionists.
  • Hollywood Transcription – typing speed must be at least 65 words per minute.
  • Landmark Associates – they prefer experience, but each candidate must have to take the test. On passinf the test you may get the job inspite of experience.
  • Net Transcripts – they have lots of law enforcement and  financial transcription based work, to apply for this job you must pass background check.
  • On the Record Reporting and Transcription – only for Austin, TX area candidates because you need to take training in their office.
  • Orion Transcription – only for US with two years experience.
  • OutSec – A UK based company that hires worldwide with minimum of two years of typing experience.
  • Multilingual Connections – requires to be fluent in other language as well because its a multi language transcription job.
  • Preferred Transcriptions – offer medical, legal, and general transcription jobs.
  • Production Transcripts – only experienced persons fill out their online application form.
  • Reporting USA – hires experienced preferably in legal transcription for legal transcribing jobs. Transcription proof reader jobs are also offered.
  • Same Day Transcriptions – for some federal work, they required professional transcribers.
  • Say It Back – offer entertainment transcription jobs. You must have digital foot pedal and software for this job.
  • Silent Secretary – full and part-time positions available for experienced individuals.
  • Speak Write – hire experienced transcriber on contract base for both legal and general transcription jobs.
  • StenTel – openings for legal and medical transcription. Only for US resident.
  • Take 1 – offer entertainment transcription jobs.
  • Talk 2 Type Transcriptions – hires independent contractors with minimum 75 wpm typing speed.
  • TASK Transcription – requires three years of experience for general and legal transcription.
  • – general transcription, jobs for US only, pay via PayPal.
  • Terescription – offer all transcription work like entertainment, business, legal, and education transcription.
  • Transcription Centre –offer focus groups and interviews for university and market research. Hire US and UK based experienced transcribers with fluent in English.
  • Transcript Divas – hires occasionally only native English speaking US based transcribers.
  • TSI Transcription Services –  very limited experience provided you meet their minimum qualifications.
  • Transcription Experts – only for US transcribers with minimum of 2 years experience.
  • Transcription Outsourcing, LLC – looking for professional and committed transcriptionists.
  • Voxtab – hires experienced freelance transcribers.
  • Way With Words – requires proficiency in British English and must pass a typing test to be considered for job.
  • We Scribe It – must have minimum of 06 months of experience in the last 02 years for general transcription job.
  • Word Wizards – hires US based transcribers for audio and video transcription jobs.
  • Written Communications – hire from US and Canada with minimum of 03 years experience.


This is the detailed list of transcription jobs. This is the best opportunity for you to make your career in transcription services. Try these sites and share your experience with us. share this post with your friends on social media

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