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Now you have created your blog on bloggers. If any of you still in scrimmage whether making money online is possible or not, please visit my first post on blogging here. For all other inspired people as I explained you the procedure of making a blog in my last post. If any of you missed that, please click here to read it. Today I am going to explain to you how you make your first post.

How to Publish your First Post

To start your post, click here to sign in to your blogger account. Then click on the title of your blog.  Now on the left side click the button in the orange color named as “New Post”. By clicking, a new page like shown below will be opened.

plain page

Here is the little description of the page shown

  1. Is your blog’s title.
  2. Is your post title, where you enter the title.
  3. Is basically the option, in compose, you can write the post like as MS Word writing, in HTML you have to use HTML coding which is interesting, but forsimplicity we stick to compose.

Next is the toolbar in which there are different options to make your post beautiful, like fonts, font size, headings, Bold, ItalicUnderlinestrikethrough, Text colour, text background color. These are simple things which we use in our daily life.

Add a link in a post

If you want to enter the link click on the link option. A small window displays enter the anchor text in the first field. Enter the URL in the second field. Check the box of “Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute”. Nofollow means that search engine will not follow the link.

add a link

Add a picture in a post

To add picture in your post, click on insert image. You can select the photo from your computer by using upload then choose file and then press add selected. You can also choose the image from your blog, Picasa web album, phone, webcam and from any URL.

Now click on image to change it properties like size, alignment, caption and properties. Click on properties and add title text and alt text in it as I did in image below:

image title

Add a video in a post

To add a video click on insert video icon. You can upload video from computer, youtube, phone and webcam.

This is some very basic of how to make a post in Blogspot. You can explore more and learn more. Do tell us how you like our post and what you explore more through comments. Enjoy your first post.

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