Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Information for Freelancers

A search engine evaluator is a person who is responsible for entering different phrases or words in a search engine and analyzing to what extent the desired outcome will match with the expected result.

For instance, an evaluator types “Independence Day” in the search engine and after reviewing the top results, he determines that to which extent the result is relevant and informative for users who are searching for information related to independence day. Now the web search evaluator offers suggestions regarding how improvement can be made so that result is always productive without fail.


Different companies offer search engine evaluator jobs to determine how fine their services are. A business that offers translation services to diverse businesses, for instance, might employ an important person to do this kind of analysis. The web search evaluator can run inquiry using language and phrase that speak about to the information that has been enlightened and prearranged by the corporation. Consequences from such search present information regarding how successful a particular translation has been and efficiently search engines are making the road to the new site. Changes can be made to a particular page to make certain that it is precisely situated by search utilities.

Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs for beginners

Communication in addition to documentation is frequently an essential part of the labor to be executed by a search engine evaluator. Once an inquiry is entered, then analysis characteristically engages extra navigation of a variety of pages and websites to decide all results of exploring. This, in result, the sequence is passing on to programmers and developers that are talented to use similar metrics to decide how healthy software is performing arts.

It is significant that the credentials given by a search engine evaluator are precise and wide. Others need to appreciate results of analysis, and manifold tests may require carrying out on a solitary phrase. Time organization and incentive are needed in this position since an evaluator frequently have an unlock schedule and inclusive tasks inside a necessary timeline


Here is the list of top companies offering best search engine agent jobs.

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Leapforce —

There is no registration fees or joining fees. You can work on your own schedule. Leapforce pays between $13 and $16 per hour. Leapforce hires people from worldwide to work from home.

Appen –

Appen provide paid training. and hires freelancers from worldwide. Also, offers social media evaluators jobs. Work daily on weekdays.

iSoftStone –

iSoftStone offers free training and requires to work 10-25 hours per week, on a flexible schedule.

Lionbridge –

Offers new work opportunities monthly. Offers worldwide jobs. Working tools will be provided by the company. They pay competitive rates/hour.

ZeroChaos –

ZeroChaos offers part time ZeroChaos ads quality rater jobs worldwide. They pay a maximum of $15/hour.

Crowdsource –

Crowdsource on Amazon Mechanical Turk offers small evaluator hits.


Let’s look at requirements of a search engine evaluator jobs

There are various requirements that are expected for this job which are listed below. Read them carefully before making search engine evaluator resume.

  • The job demands the internet search evaluator to use numerous websites to place queries that will give the relevant internet result.
  • The search engine evaluator must provide various words as well as phrases to get the result of queries.
  • Documentation, as well as communication, is an essential part of the job that the search engine evaluator is expected to do.
  • The evaluator must document all top results that will come up after the search and will provide useful information related to the authenticity of every search.  This provides a better understanding of human interaction with a search engine.
  • The evaluator must provide documents that accurate. Results of analysis must be understood, and multiple tests have to be done on a single phrase.


  • The search engine evaluator must be motivated to do the proper analysis so that desired results can be given.
  • Along with motivation time management is also required so that the right thing can be done in the mentioned timeline.
  • He must know how to communicate the right thing at the right time
  • He/she must know how all services will work out with all types of utilities.
  • He/she must have good web research as well as analytics skills
  • Good as well as updated familiarity is essential with American social culture, web culture, and media.
  • Must have diversified interest with expertise in a particular area.
  • The search engine evaluator must have a university degree and along with this an advanced degree is an added advantage.
  • He/she must have knowledge as well as experience regarding self-supplied high-speed internet connection (Cable Modem, DSL, etc.)
  • It is also necessary that the search engine evaluator should have an Android phone version 4.1 or a window phone version of 8.1. Possessing an iPhone version 4S or even higher is an added advantage.


  • The candidate must take as well as pass a qualification exam to become the web search engine evaluator
  • He or she must pass three parts of the exam; a theoretical component along with two practical components. Study material is only allowed to use as long as he/she is giving the exam.


  • Search Engine Evaluator can work from home and comfortably make the good amount. Some companies take the test and after round of it, they qualify you for the position.
  • You can comfortably work from home, its just 10 seconds when you take a seat and start working. Moreover, these are no false claim but the real position that will help you work in comfort.
  • One can work as and when required. Some companies would like you to work for on only certain days, but frequently you can set your own hours also take some days off as and when required by you.
  • Work in comfort for just few hours. Comfortably work for just 10 minutes log out to take a break and then log in again and start working.
  • You will earn a reasonable amount, and there is no phone work involved, unlike virtual call center jobs.
  • Working from home in comfort is better as the pay is good and there are no commuting costs.
  • This job also allows one to discover new things without much effort. Just imagine you are working with comfort and simultaneously learning new things. This is really good and since payment is good, so all goes smooth.
  • Your research skills, problem-solving skills, and literacy skills enhance. This is improving your abilities and is an asset to you for the lifetime.

It is not wrong to say that it is freelancer career since you are working but in comfort from home.


  • One saves both time and energy since there is no communication required, all work will be done online with comfort.
  • The work requires deep search and this improves one’s capability to search on the new topic thus is a boost for one’s quality.
  • Without putting much effort, a person working as web search engine evaluator learns new things which can be used later for any work.


Like advantages, the Search Engine Evaluator Jobs involves some disadvantage as well. Let us now see what are the cons of search engine work from home:

  • You don’t get any job benefit like no health insurance, unemployment coverage or vacation pay.
  • As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for bearing all the taxes.
  • You have to track your own working hours, as you won’t be paid if you don’t keep track. Thus along with work maintaining work hours is also essential.
  • Sometimes, you may face the shortage of work. Thus if work is less payment is also less, this is unlike other work where both work, as well as payment, is steady.
  • The work can be exhausting. Doing too much research that the search engine evaluator jobs require is exhausting at times.
  • One really has to work hard on eyes. It is not easy to stare at computer screen for hours and doing so causes eye strain.


Identify time slots when tasks are uploaded into the system and reserve this time for work on daily basis.

You must appreciate that the scheme of task sharing is only based on a “first come first served” foundation, and you require to be prepared to grasp your piece of tasks as soon as they have been uploaded into the system. To recognize time slots as soon as task accessibility is the uppermost, give pleasure to look at task conclusion graph. Typically tasks are uploaded each day in the system at the identical time slots.

Do imitation tasks and give central point on excellence to get clear status

Get used to a system that restricts the right of entry to everyday jobs for new-comers, and persons who are experiencing their excellence review. To pick up this constraint, you have to finish a confident number of simulation tasks or hang around till the subsequent quality review, if the quality score is first-class, then restriction will be lifted mechanically.

Don’t forget to log on to the system’s extension every time you work in it

If you start undertaking tasks, and you are not logged into the extension, then you can’t prove the time you worked in spite of if everyday jobs were done. So it’s very significant to be confident in this.

Tracking time spent for completing tasks

If you use less time as compared to approximate average time per task, be knowledgeable that your invoice will be sent to homecoming for alteration due to not able to meet productivity targets.

This effort is made to familiarize you with a new form of work at home jobs; all possible effort is made to explain the picture to you, provide pros and cons, tips to improve your chances to get the job and a good list of these evaluator jobs providing companies. Now it’s your turn to take action and reserve your employment. For us, do share this post with your friends on social media.

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