How to set a Google Webmaster Account

Google Webmaster Tool is a free service provided by google to webmasters so that they can monitor their website’s stats, and see the search presence in Mr. G. market. Using Google Webmaster Tool, you can work effectively on SEO. Indexing on google becomes easier with it. You can submit your sitemap here. Set you robots text file and use a feature fetch as google to index your site immediately.

An SEO specialist, marketer, site administrator, web developer and an App developer are encouraged to use webmaster tool. After creating a website or blog, add it to search console of Google Webmaster Tool, so that you are able to know the search behaviour of the site.

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Tutorial to set Google Webmaster Tool Account

Click here  to start creating your google webmaster tool account. click on “Sign into Search Console”. Since you need a google account, to create the one, follow the step 1 of Make Blog in3 Simple Steps. Now enter the gmail address and press next. Enter the password to sign-in. A welcome window will appear. Enter the address of the website and click on add property to get started with setting the Google Webmaster Tool account.

welcome window

A message saying “property added” will receive. Through this simple process, you set up your very own GWT account.

Now click on message tab to view your inbox. Follow the steps in the mail.

Now click on message tab to view your inbox. Follow the steps in the mail.

If your blog or website has both www or non-www version then add both of them to the GWT. For hosted sites like don’t need to set the preferred version. Select the target country to see the country specific information. If you have any other person who manages your site then add them through manage site users. Last but not the least submit your sitemap.

You can get your sitemap submitted by following these simple of Submit your Sitemap to Google.

Comment us how many of you set up your GWT account.

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