How to submit a sitemap to Google

A sitemap contains the information of post published in a website. This sitemap is submitted to different search engines to make them know the stuff available in a site. This helps the search engines to index the sites and posts. After submitting a sitemap, when you post new stuff on your blog or site, this will help the search engines to automatically index your post.

submit a sitemap to Google

Submit a sitemap to Mr G.

There is no doubt that Mr G. is the king of search engines. It is worthy to submit the sitemap to google as soon as possible. Make it at the top of your priority list. now come to the procedure, first log-in to your google webmaster tool account. If you don’t have the account please refer to “How to set a Google Webmaster Tool GWT Account”. Then select your website for which you want to submit the sitemap.

select your website for which you want to submit the sitemap

Now from the dashboard on the left side, first click on crawl then select sitemap.

click on crawl then select sitemap

On the new window, at the top right corner, click on Add/test Sitemap button in red

click on Add/test Sitemap button in red

Enter the following sitemap code.


This will help you to index up to a maximum of 500 blog post. If you have more than 500 posts then you need to add another sitemap stating


for more than 1000 posts, add another sitemap as shown below:


for 1500 + post add another sitemap


You can add as many sitemap as required. After entering the code click on submit sitemap. A message received confirming sitemap submitted. This is all done, your sitemap has been submitted to your google webmaster account.

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