Three simple steps to increase the alexa ranking

Being a blogger, we all know the importance of Alexa ranking. It shows the global popularity of the site, daily page views, bounce rate, keywords and many more features some are free some are paid. In this post, I share with you the three basic steps which all bloggers need to implement to improve their site ranking.

how to improve alexa ranking

Controversies about Alexa

Some blogger might think that Alexa has no use in the effectiveness of approving your AdSense application. But the majority is in favour of improving Alexa ranking and its effect on AdSense. To be on the safe side, it’s better to work on Alexa ranking.

Talk about the leap holes in Alexa ranking. Well, it gives priority to its premium customer. So, authenticity of Alexa ranking is still debatable, because if you avail their premium service then on day first they will rank you around 7,00,000-8,00,000 , according to them availing their premium services will make them possible to directly collect the data from the site as you certify your site with Alexa. If you don’t buy their service then your ranking will start from more than 10,00,00,000. Premium service just not only improve ranking but provide a lot of features.

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Start Alexa as Free

Since for beginners, it is advised to start their free services by doing these three basic and simple steps.

  1. Claim your site
  2. Download the Alexa tool bar
  3. Place Alexa ranking widget

Step 1: Claim Your Site

As soon as you set your custom domain or make your blog, you should claim your site by logging in to This will save your time and you rank higher and higher as time goes. Here is a step by step tutorial to claim your site.

  • On the right top corner enter your site and click on find.


  • You will get a message about not having enough data to rank the site, like shown

message about not having enough data to rank the site

  • Click get certified in the green box. You will see the prices of basic, insight and advance plan. You can choose any of it. But here I am discussing a free claim. So scroll down where you find claim a site with a free Alexa account. You can see the screenshot below.

claim a site with a free Alexa account

  •  Click on the claim a site
  • Enter your site URL and click continue.

Enter your site URL

  • By clicking continue a screen appear, asking for your email address.

asking for your email address.

  • If you have an account, then enter the email and password and select the option of returning user, otherwise enter the email address and select the new user to create a free account. Click on continue, a confirmation email has sent to you to verify your account.
  • You need to verify ownership to claim this site. You can choose any of the three methods. I find it convenient to use the second method, copy the meta tag and place it under the head tag of your HTML code. Click on verify my ID. You get a message that “Your site is successfully claimed”

Step 2: Download the alexa tool bar

To improve alexa ranking, its worth of using alexa toolbar because it collects the data through its toolbar. So, whenever a user, having installed alexa toolbar, visit a site, it will improve the site’s alexa ranking.

Download alexa toolbar here and then click on install alexa extension to get it installed on your chrome web browser.

You can also get the extension for Firefox and internet explorer.

Step 3: Place alexa ranking widget

Since visitors on your site when see an alexa ranking widget, they may click on it to see more facts about the site, which in return increase site rank.

<a href=’’><script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’></script></a>

Replace the web address in red with your site domain name. Don’t add http:// and www in this code. Then copy this code and paste it to html of your site.

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Hope you like the post and implement these basic steps. Comment us how much your site rank is improved.

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