Top 10 Best PTC Sites

Pay to click is one of the easiest ways of earning and is probably the first method of every online earner. Mostly all big names start from this platform. But there are lots of scam in web surfing. So, one must have to be very careful in selecting the PTC platform. Hence, in this post we gather top best PTC sites that actually pays and are present in the market since long.

PTC is pay to click sites which provide ads, and you need to click on those ads, view the ad until the timer is over then close the ad, you just earn the amount to watch those ads. This is the best simple explanation of what Pay to Click is.

PTC sites offer different ads with the different timer on various rates. Of course, more the timer higher they pay. Pay To Click sites also provides the bonus for its daily active users. Some sites may also offer other methods of earning by completing different offers or work. A grid game is also part of these pay to click sites in which you view ads and if you are lucky you can earn up to $10 prize. The main point of earning in PTC websites is their referral system.

They provide free and paid membership.

  • In free membership, you get the limited ads with high timer and with lower pay per click and also with low referral percentage.
  • With paid membership, a little initial investment, you will get more daily ads to click or view, ads timer will be lowered. Pay per click and referral percentage will be high with paid membership.

With free membership and without referrals you can earn $5 from one site for five to ten minutes of regular work. You can earn two or three times higher with paid membership in the same scenario.  You can convert this $5 to $50 by doing the same on 10 different trusted PTC sites.


Yes, even this $50/month is very low, but the secret key for how to make money through PTC is their referral system. Every PTC site is working or securing it’s presence by referral system. All successful ad surfing earners are using referral system. If you understand this key point, then you don’t need to worry about anything else. The higher your referrals are, the more you can earn passively. Pay to Click sites more efficiently work for passive earning rather than an active source of income. You have to work actively, but your main income will be from your referrals. You need to be active to create active referrals.

Following are the best practices of making good referrals.

  • Convince your friends, colleagues, and relatives to join through your reference link.
  • Use social media to convince your worldwide friends to join PTC sites and remain active on it, so that you can earn through their reference.
  • Comment your referral links on the forum which discuss topics like how to make money, work from home jobs, online jobs or any topic related to that. Because these forums provide new users the way of earning. So, it’s also the best place to drop your referral link.
  • Make a blog and discuss the success of your PTC career, provide the solution to visitors by offering your referral link to them, so that they can also start earning. And guess what! You start earning your passive referral earning.

Payments are made monthly or weekly via Paypal, Payza,  Alertpay or by bank wire transfer.

Best PTC sites



Here is the list of top paying and actually paying PTC sites. This list is made with ultimate care, but it is also advised to check the scam test given at the end of this post to double check it. Check out best PTC sites list below:

  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobux
  3. BuxP
  4. Donkey Mails
  5. WordLinx
  6. Scarlet Clicks
  7. Innocurrent
  8. Gptplanet
  9. Cash Camel


Every method of earning has its pros and cons. These advantages and disadvantages are different for different peoples based on their point of views. Here PTC sites have more pros than cons. You can also overcome the cons of PTC sites easily.


  • Easy to sign up and most easy work to do, no technical skills required to work.
  • Time Flexible work means work on your comfort hours
  • Use multiple sites to increase Earning
  • Low cash out limit


  • Low income
  • More Scam sites


  • There are best PTC sites that pay high, and you can create the account on each of the PTC websites and earn high.
  • Make referrals which are the best way of earning through PTC sites.
  • Do the little research and read the last part of this post to avoid scam.


The biggest problem on these sites is scams. You need to be very careful while selecting any PTC site.

  • Any site offering more than 10 cents/ ad view for free members may be a scam site. Trusted PTC sites give the little portion of dollar for single ad view.
  • Visit site forum and see what users are talking about. Do you see any suspicious thing there?
  • Read their FAQs and terms and condition, to avoid any hidden scam.
  • View payment proofs
  • Daily ads not more than 50 with breakdown of 4-6 ads of $0.1, 10-12 ads of $0.01 and remain ads of $0.001
  • Search on google what the experts are saying about that particular site.
  • Visit best PTC sites reviews that are available online.

Doing a little research before joining a site will save you from big future loss.

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