User Testing Review 2018: Legit or Scam? Is it Safe to Work?

With lots of scam, it is difficult for someone to choose the online working sites that pay.

Our aim is to provide not only the legitimacy of make money online sites but also provide you information about the best sites that pays well of your time and energy.

Today we are providing user testing review. User testing dot com is one of the websites or apps reviewing sites in market which offer incentive to its user to provide their reviews about website or app. provides the market research to its clients including both small and big companies and websites.  Companies will get the honest opening of real product users which help them to improve and stay on top of its competitors. Above discussion will help you to understand why they are paying you for simple reviews. In this post we will do a detailed user testing review.

UserTesting Review

To become a tester you need to qualify the sample test. As soon as your test is approved, you can start testing websites, apps or prototype.

The singles test consist of 20 minutes recording of review of the product with 04 follow up written questions. A tester will get $10 for each test he completed. For just 20 minutes work you will get $10 isn’t it amazing.

Unbiased user testing review

You will receive payments only in your PayPal account. Unfortunately no alternative payment method is available. So to become a test you must be living in one of the PayPal supported countries.

You need a PC/Mac for website testing and IOS/Android device for mobile testing. Need to download screen recording software. Need a microphone for recording.

User Testing Review: Pros & Cons

Every websites has some advantages and disadvantages , similar is the case with We will discuss the pros and cons separately and in detail.


  • Free to join
  • Easy to do sample test.
  • Paid $10 for 20 minute test.
  • Only record audio and computer screen (keep your privacy and hide identity)
  • For a webcam test you will get $15 for each test.
  • Provide handsome extra cash for small tasks.
  • Get bonus for completing a multi-part study or a longer test.
  • Offer monthly contest where you can win cash prizes.


  • Only single payment method. (PayPal)
  • Restrict hiring tester from non-PayPal supporting countries.
  • A little bit difficult to get the test due to high competition. You need to stay active to grap the new tests.
  • Payment of test will release after seven days.
  • Sometime our review can get rejected either from client or from user testing quality team. You won’t get paid for this.
  • Not a replacement of job or get rich quick scheme.

Tips to increase chances of receiving new tests:

  • Stay logged in on your dashboard.
  • Aim for a 5-star rating.
  • Pay attention to the blue highlighted area above your dashboard.
  • Ensure your profile is up-to-date.

User testing is a legit company that pays it’s testers for qualifying reviews about the websites or apps or any prototype. It’s not a job replacement and not always guarantee that you get the test but its very good option for some extra cash. By doing regular work you can easily generate in between $100 to $200.

Little facts about

  • Domain age: This domain is first registered on 22-05-2004.
  • Domain Authority: 71 which shows its high authenticity.
  • Paid $10 for 20 minute task.
  • Free to register an account on this site.

This is the unbiased user testing review. It will help you to clear your mind about joining Do you have any good or bad experience with If yes! don’t hold it to yourself only, share with us and community. The comment section is always available to you.

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