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There is no question that call centers have always been a vital part of many industries because they allow for the companies and the consumers to have a way to communicate for all kinds of purposes. The call center has been evolving with technology and provide an entirely different kind of call center job to be possible in this modern world. In this article, we will share with you the complete idea of how you can make money with the virtual call center jobs by sitting in your bedroom. But before starting with this, let us discuss what the virtual call center concept is, how these call centers are suitable to operate for their owners and what kind of benefits this brings to people who might be looking to work from home. This article is useful for both, who are seeking virtual call center jobs work from home and to those who want to invest and start virtual call center business.


virtual call center jobs as work from home


A virtual call center is a service that allows for all the calling system, servers, and communications modules to be 100% software based. This allows for the “main office” to be virtual and the employees can work from any location in the world as long as they have the required equipment to do it. Fortunately, there is very little equipment needed for this kind of work and virtual call center jobs can get started with very basic computer equipment.

The system works by setting up software that manages calls and redirects them to the remote agents that could be located in any area of the world. This is a very convenient way to get a call center business started and the technology is being adopted by many.


If you decide to start a call center for the purpose of creating your business, this can provide an excellent earning potential. And if you are looking to get employed or to get these virtual call center jobs, you will find this to be a great job to have as it allows you to work from home with great facilities.


There are many advantages to a virtual call center , and one of them is a very substantial reduction in the costs. The fact that there is no need for a physical location saves the owner of the call center a fortune in equipment and office space rental. This is one of the main reasons why many business owners are now opting for this particular way of doing business.

Another fantastic advantage of this kind of call center is that you can choose the best agents regardless of their location, and this gives you a chance to find the best agents available in the market.


As a person who is looking for a way to earn more money, you will find that the chance to work at a virtual call center will allow you to save money on transportation, clothing and food expenses too.

This will also allow you to stay close to your family, and this is especially important for anyone who needs to take care of children.

Other benefits of work home virtual call center jobs include the experience that you gain from working in an environment in which you have no supervisors, and you still need to be responsible.

Easy working hours and great earning potential are also applicable in these virtual call center agent jobs.


People can make money by working in the virtual call center from their home. Some most common types virtual call center jobs may include:

  • Call-Center Representative
  • Answering-Service Employee
  • Tech Support Representative
  • Telemarketer
  • Virtual Assistant


For your ease, we have made the comprehensive list of companies offering jobs in a virtual call center, so you can start your earning from home in no time. You can visit their websites to find the latest job openings, see the job description and job requirements. If that suits you and you fulfilled the required criteria, then don’t waste your time and apply for it before someone else take this opportunity.


The call agents and virtual receptionists are people working from home-based virtual call centers. Their responsibilities include: receiving incoming calls, provide customer care, take appropriate action to resolves the caller query, take messages and send them to concern persons, or forward or connect the call to relevant departments of the organization. All these calls come to companies numbers which then redirected or forwarded to call agents from the main server to their home based call center system. Here is the list of companies that offers such jobs.

  • OnPoint@Home Jobs cover a broad range of business-oriented issues from energy to health care. Paid hourly, project may prolong from 2 to 12 weeks.
  • NextWave requires work-from-home telephone outreach personnel for an independent network to work in public affairs market, applicants with or without previous experience in grassroots outreach can apply. Gives Competitive compensation and incentives.
  • Nex Rep customer service for contractor sales and tech support through inbound and outbound calls. Paid $15-$25 per hour. Hires resident of United States.
  • Neiman-Marcus operating since 1907. Currently jobs available within the Dallas-Ft Worth metro area. Pays a comprehensive benefits package.
  • Mark Travel Corp provides vacation traveling. A call agent is responsible to help the customer in planning and booking their vacations plan. Pays $12/hour.
  • Live Ops Offers inbound sales, lead generation services, insurance sales and claims, healthcare, roadside services and customer care. Generally 25 cents per minute of talk time,
  • LeadPages offers two days per week work from home.
  • Land’s End is a retail clothing company offers inbound sales and services jobs and pays $13.50-$14.13 / hour.
  • Kelly Services offers a wide variety of contact center position with a focus on inbound and outbound customer can choose to work 10 or 40 hours per week. Kelly paid per hours.
  • Just Answer hires professional from each and every field to answer the questions of people. Need to take a short subject matter test.
  • Intuitive Solutions require English speaking or Bilingual Span/Eng Order Entry person for pizza hut. Pays $7.50-$10.50 USD/hr
  • InfoCision offers full-time and part-time jobs in the call center for household brands. Offers benefits package and a very competitive salary.
  • Home Shopping Network offers the wide range of retail, television and eCommerce work at home sales representative jobs. Also provides a retirement plan.
  • Higher One Hires people related to information technology, client satisfaction and sales field from distinct states.
  • Hayneedle will offer work from home jobs in this fall for individuals to answer the products’ related questions and take orders.
  • Guthy-Renker provides full-time or part-time jobs for direct sales and customer care.
  • Gemvara requires jewelry consultants for customer care center.
  • Gabbyville is a complete service of Virtual Receptionist & Answering Services. A great place to start.
  • Fancy Hands is a pay per task job providing site and gives $2.5 to $7/ task. It offers a broad range of virtual assistant jobs. Payment on every other week on Thursday.
  • Esurance requires customer service representative from Sioux Falls to work from home.
  • Enterprise Multiple jobs for customer services and reservation sale representatives are offered at Enterprise.
  • Deal Dash hires residents within the state of Minnesota.
  • Cruise offers sales, support and service agents work from home jobs to sell cruise vacations, insurance, and other product. Hire experiences individuals.
  • Convergys Enabled 401-K salary plan. Hiring sales and technically focused customer service support individuals.
  • Concentrix An inbound technical support guidance to customers. Pays $9.25 per hour after every two weeks.
  • offers call center representative jobs.
  • Call Center QA is a telephone mystery shopping jobs and pays $5 per call + one-page feedback.  Offer jobs around the globe.
  • BSG offers inbound/outbound order confirmation, third party verification and call recording services.
  • Athletic Greens Hire call agents from LA, CO, OK, FL & VA. Need to take a training of 3-9 weeks. Paid hourly.
  • Asurion Hire call agents from different states of America.
  • Aspire Lifestyle Offer jobs to the resident of North America, Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Ascend One offer technology, finance, and health related customer service jobs.
  • Arise Having expertise in the call center, you can start your very own call center business with arise.
  • APAC Offers both work on site or work from home pharmacy related customer call center agents jobs.
  • Order Up on-demand food delivery marketplace for hometowns, nationwide.
  • Nordstrom Occasionally offered part-time jobs on fashion related sales events and for holiday needs.
  • Hotel Tonight provide services to book the unsold rooms of different hotels around the world to clients.
  • AnswerFirst Different types of customer services jobs available to handle the business related clients.
  • Amazon Collects different work from home jobs around the web for US citizens.
  • Alpine Access offers virtual jobs to the citizens of USA and Canada.
  • Afni@Home offer jobs to U.S. and  Philippines.
  • ACD Direct requires experience call agents. Paid for each minute of talk.
  • Accolade Support sales, technical support and customer care call agents jobs.
  • ParaMeds Related to Long-Term Care, Disability, and Health Insurance Industry.
  • PODS provides virtual call center agent jobs.
  • RiseSmart technical support and sales agents.
  • SiteL Hires customer care agents from selected states of US for clients from telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, retail, and healthcare departments.
  • Starwood Hotels Providing services in 100 countries. Requires work from home call center agents for reservation, customer care, sales, and services.
  • Sutherland offers Bi-Linguals or English speaking call agents for different technical supports.
  • Sykes French/ English bilingual customer service representative.
  • Synergy Solutions offers Inbound Customer Service Representative, Outbound B2B Telesales, Outbound B2B Appointment Setting Jobs. Also offer jobs for bilingual call agents.
  • TeleTech Virtual agents to assist and support customers with a variety of technical needs and customer service through phone, via chat, or on social media.
  • U-Haul Customer care, roadside assistant, travel agent, and sales reservation officer.
  • UCare offers health care jobs.
  • USA Contact Point hires inbound customer service agents from all over United Staes.
  • Ver-A-Fast requires customer service representatives for newspaper industry clients.
  • VoiceLog offers sales and services for Third Party Verification (TPV) and voice verification.
  • West at Home call agents for obtaining, entering, and verifying customer information, resolving issues, answering questions, providing customer service, and sell products.
  • Working Solutions Call agents to assist customers with service, sales,  and technical support transactions.
  • Xerox different home based call agent jobs.
  • ZocDoc call agents for pharmacy and health care and health related problems


The tech advisors are people working from home-based virtual call centers. Their responsibilities include providing technical assistant to customers of different technology-related companies.

  • 2U 2U offers online education or online degree programs. You can also submit your resume for general consideration as well.
  • A Small Orange It is a web hosting company, so a good opportunity for people having programing or web development experience.
  • Accolade Support They hire call agents to work for different companies.
  • Alorica also a customer management company, hire call agents for their clients.
  • Apple who is unfamiliar with Apple Company. A vast range of work from home jobs available like at home advisor, at home team manager, at home area manager.
  • Arvixe is a web hosting comapny.
  • Computer Assistant As name suggest, computer expert are required to work from home.
  • Dell A big name in computer technology, require call agents to solve customer’s technical issues.
  • Direct Interactions You must be 18 and have high school diploma or G.E.D. You must be able to troubleshoot or fix computer related problems.
  • Grindstone offers outbound lead generation and appointment setting jobs only.
  • Intermedia offers one-stop shop for cloud IT, need technical or sales generating staff.
  • require technical support agents for their clients.
  • Supportspace require technical support staff for virus and spyware removal tasks.
  • Sutherland offer jobs for customer support representatives.
  • TEG Global
  • Teleperformance offer jobs for work at home call agents for their customers.
  • TeleTech offer vast range of jobs in customer service, consulting, corporate, technology, sales and marketing.
  • Transcom require call agents for their customers/ clients.
  • Ven-U offer jobs for tech advisors.






Following is the list of companies offering occasionally virtual call center agents jobs. You can regularly visit these sites to see any new opening or subscribe their newsletter to get the latest updates on new work from home jobs.

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Final Words

The world of virtual call centers is growing in popularity, and there is no way to deny that this is quickly becoming one of the best ways for people to gain access to home employment and to the many benefits that come from working with a virtual office system. There is no question that call centers are still a very powerful business model that allows for a great number of people to have jobs that they can now do from home by these virtual call center jobs thanks to the evolution of technology and communications.

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